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Romney To Obama On Tax Deal: No, Thanks

After weeks of saying he would not release his tax returns, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney told reporters Thursday he had checked them and could report he had always paid at least 13 percent annual in federal income tax. But Romney still refuses to make public more of his tax returns, despite a new offer from the Obama campaign.

An Early Exit For Calif. Congressman

Congressman Dennis Cardoza, a Democrat from California, was retiring after this year. But why wait? A job with a big lobby-law firm was waiting, so the congressman resigned from Congress this week.

When Pronouncing A Case Is Harder Than 'Roe V. Wade'

A law professor and his students have put together a dictionary of Supreme Court pronouncers. It details how to pronounce the sometimes obscure or ambiguous names of cases going back to the beginning of the republic.

Killing Off West Nile Virus: Bad For More Than Bugs?

As communities, such as Dallas, Texas, contemplate doing aerial spraying to control mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus, many people are expressing concerns about how the pesticides will affect their health, and the health of their environments. Melissa Blocks speaks to Dr. Robert Peterson, professor of Entomology at Montana State University.

North Carolina Eugenics Victims Not Giving Up

The state sterilized thousands against their will up until the 1970s. Legislation to compensate them seemed poised to pass, but it didn't. Now, victims — and their advocates — wonder what they could have done differently and what they can do next. A woman the state sterilized vows, "Justice will prevail."

Jailed Young, Inmates Seek A New Day In Court

Lawyers in Pennsylvania are working furiously to help file petitions for the state's juvenile lifers before the end of the month. A recent Supreme Court ruling struck down mandatory juvenile life terms, and hundreds of Pennsylvania prisoners are hoping they can get new sentencing hearings.

Study Supports Regulators' Effort To Limit Miners' Exposure To Coal Dust

The Government Accountability Office says that the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) used appropriate data and scientific methods in drafting new regulations aimed at limiting the amount of coal dust miners are exposed to at U.S. operations.

A Middle Way In Bloomington, Ind.

Hundreds of students from Indiana University volunteer at Middle Way House, a haven for victims of domestic violence.