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Akin Slowly Regains Support After 'Legitimate Rape'

Less than two weeks out from the election, the Democratic Senate seat the GOP figured would be easiest to pick off seems maddeningly out of reach. In Missouri, Republican candidate Todd Akin remains dogged by his "legitimate rape" comment. Mainstream Republican groups have stayed away from the race, and Democrat Claire McCaskill appears to be in good shape to win a second term.

Economists: Romney's 12 Million Jobs Target Realistic, Even If He Loses

Mitt Romney's pledge to add 12 million jobs to the economy over four years may sound like a very big number, especially coming out of a deep recession followed by three years of lackluster job growth. But some economists say it's realistic, and even if President Obama wins re-election.

As Jihadists Spread, Connecting The Dots Proves Hard

Over the past decades, officials have been quick to look for an al-Qaida link in terror attacks. But as Islamist groups spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, their relationships with — and differences from — al-Qaida are growing increasingly complex.

Surfer Takayama Was An Innovator In Board Design

Melissa Block and Audie Cornish remember Donald Takayama, a dominant surfer in the '60s and '70s and a giant of surfboard shaping. He died Monday at the age of 68.

Romney: Obama's Policies Slowed The Recovery

After a week full of campaigning across several battleground states, Mitt Romney delivered an economic policy address in Ames, Iowa, on Friday.

Time Is Running Out To File Suits Over 2008 Crisis

The $1 billion lawsuit the Justice Department filed against Bank of America over mortgage fraud allegations may be the most accountability taxpayers ever see from the 2008 crisis. The statute of limitations is expiring, and no major Wall Street bank or banker has been charged with a crime.

NBA Commissioner Stern Helped League Grow

Audie Cornish talks to sportswriter Stefan Fatsis about National Basketball Association commissioner David Stern, who has announced he will step down in early 2014.