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Sept. 11 Documentarian Wins MacArthur Genius Grant

Melissa Block profiles several of the newly announced 2012 MacArthur Fellows. In this segment she speaks with Laura Poitras, a documentarian who is making a trilogy of films about the post-Sept. 11 world.

5 Myths About The Presidential Race

Certain things always get attention during a presidential contest, including debates and gaffes. They don't really matter, one political scientist suggests.

Judge Postpones Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law

In Pennsylvania, a judge has issued a preliminary injunction against the state's controversial voter ID law. In effect, the judge's ruling will allow registered voters to cast ballots in the upcoming election without showing the government-issued ID required by the law.

One Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another Shot In Arizona

The agents worked out of the recently renamed Brian Terry station near Tucson. Terry was an agent killed in 2010. His death revealed the "Fast and Furious" program — a botched effort to track drug cartels by allowing guns to go south of the border.

Survey: Bald Man Are Perceived As Manlier

A researcher at the Wharton School of Business showed participants photos of men with shaved head and men with full heads of hair. It turns out, men with shaved heads were perceived as manlier, taller and stronger. The downside: men with shaved heads were viewed as less attractive than those with full manes.

'Fearless Felix' To Try To Break Sound Barrier

Felix Baumgartner plans to ride a balloon to an altitude of 34 miles over New Mexico and then he'll step out into the void. He'll be wearing a pressurized suit like an astronaut, and expects to break the sound barrier as he falls. He's being advised by a former NASA flight surgeon who lost his wife in a shuttle crash, and who wants to improve astronauts' odds of surviving a future disaster.

Retailers Pay More For Fraud-Related Costs

The cost of retail fraud is going up. For every dollar of fraudulent merchandise that's bought, retailers have to pay nearly $3 in fraud related costs. There's another price too, one many retailers aren't even aware of.