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Vermont Community Divided Over Hosting F-35s

Many air bases across the country are clamoring to get the next generation of fighter jets. But the Burlington, Vt. area is bitterly divided over being one of the Air Force's preferred locations. Some residents say there are enough problems already with the F-16s — like noise.

Boy Grows Close To Grandmother, Through Memories

Graham Haggett was just 10 weeks old when his grandmother was killed in the World Trade Center attacks. But his mother has told him many stories about her — including how his face was one of the first things his grandmother saw when she got to the office that day.

Transcript: President Obama's Convention Speech

Transcript of President Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Transcript: Vice President Biden's Convention Speech

Transcript of Vice President Joe Biden's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Students Say They've Been Denied The Right To Read

Their families have sued the state of Michigan, arguing it has failed to provide remedial help to students whose reading skills are years behind. The outcome of the lawsuit could affect how school districts around the country deal with remediation.

Youth Fervor High At DNC, But Lagging Behind 2008

President Obama drew strong support from the youth vote in 2008. This election season, analysts say enthusiasm for the president has declined. While young adults are visible at the Democratic National Convention, some young people acknowledge apathy among their peers.