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Employment Numbers Tell Us A Lot (But Not That Much)

The jobs report for April showed stronger job creation and a four-year low in the unemployment rate, sending stocks soaring. But the monthly numbers, while encouraging, are bound to be revised. That suggests that perhaps we're paying too much attention to them.

Witherspoon's Punishment: $100 Fine & A Viral Arrest Video

Friday in Atlanta, actress Reese Witherspoon pleaded no contest to obstruction. She was arrested last month in Atlanta for berating a state trooper as he administered a sobriety test to her husband. Now, the dashcam video of her arrest has hit the Web.

Reality Check: Strapped States Cutting Unemployment Benefits

During the recession, states have run up a $30 billion debt to Washington because they haven't had enough funds to cover unemployment checks. Now they're cutting benefits at the same time federal payments are being reduced because of the sequester.

Checkmate! Teen Chess Stars Make Their Move

The 2013 U.S. and Women's Chess Championships are under way in St. Louis, Missouri. Host Michel Martin speaks with two of the competition's youngest players. Kayden Troff is the current under-14 World Youth Chess Champion, and at 15, Sarah Chiang is the youngest woman competing in the Women's Chess Championships.

By Coming Out, Has Jason Collins Changed The Game?

A lot of people have called basketball player Jason Collins a hero for coming out as the first openly gay male athlete in a major American sport. But the Barbershop guys ask if it's heroism or hype.

The Changing Face Of The Working Poor

The latest employment figures are out and they show gains in hiring. The Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy joins host Michel Martin to talk about the report, and the millions of working Americans who still fall below the poverty line.

Humanists On Surviving Crisis Without A Prayer

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer, and the president called on people of all faiths to remember the victims of recent national tragedies. But what about the growing number of Americans who don't pray? Host Michel Martin speaks with Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University, about where people without faith turn for comfort.

Hey Teenagers! We Want To Hear Your Stories

NPR and Radio Diaries are looking for personal, surprising stories from teens. Write it, photograph it (and record it if you want) and submit it to the storytelling site Cowbird. Two entries will be picked to produce audio stories with Radio Diaries and a selection will be featured on