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Chicago Teachers Rally With Deal In The Works

The Chicago Teachers Union and city school officials have reportedly reached a "framework" for an agreement that would end a five-day teachers strike. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Claudio Sanchez about the latest developments.

Reporter Hotline: What Awaits Abroad After Election

Weekend Edition is answering your questions about issues and candidates. This week, we address inquiries about foreign policy and U.S. involvement in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Paul Ryan A Star Attraction For Values Voters

At the same summit last year, many religious conservatives said they would support Mitt Romney only as a last resort. Now, he has Ryan to vouch for him. The GOP vice presidential nominee slammed President Obama on foreign policy, the economy and abortion in his speech Friday.

Former Diplomat: Doing A Good Job Invites Risk

Ryan Crocker mourns the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who died in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya on Tuesday. But as a former ambassador himself, Crocker says, "We can manage risk, but we can't prevent it if we do our jobs."

White House Details 2013 Cuts If Congress Doesn't Avert Fiscal Cliff

Under orders from Congress, the administration detailed exactly how it would administer painful cuts to both defense and domestic programs that were ordered under last year's budget deal. But the Office of Management and Budget reiterates that the threat of cuts is meant to spur congressional action.

Revisiting 'Life' Magazine's 'Take-Over Generation'

In 1962, Life magazine ran its version of a "who's who under 40" list — a special issue it called "The Take-Over Generation." Many of the 100 young professionals profiled went on to prominence in their fields. Three men reflect on how America has changed since they were featured in 1962.

It's Hard To Tell La Familia You're Gay

A new national campaign called Familia es Familia is hoping to help make coming out easier for LGBT Latinos. While the majority of Latinos are accepting of gays and lesbians, foreign-born and evangelical Latinos are less tolerant and remain opposed to same-sex marriage.

Paul Ryan Headlines Values Voter Summit

Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan addressed the annual Values Voter Summit on Friday. Audie Cornish talks with Don Gonyea.