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What's So Compelling About Skyscrapers

After the attacks that felled the twin towers, many said it was the end of an era for skyscrapers. But 1 World Trade Center has now surpassed the Empire State Building as New York's tallest. David Childs, architect and designer of the new tower, discusses why we're so fascinated by tall buildings.

OWS: A Case Study In Social Movements

On May Day, the Occupy Wall Street movement re-emerged to try to reestablish its message and place in the national conversation. Thousands marched in New York City, Oakland and other cities, then quickly faded from national view. Guests consider what sustains social movements, and why some fail.

What's Fun About 5? Songs, Hugs And Kisses

Over the past five years, Tell Me More has produced more than 1,300 hours of programming that have piqued the interests of even the youngest listeners. To celebrate Tell Me More's fifth anniversary, host Michel Martin talks with Isaiah Carroll, Olivia Williams, Ila Brooks and Marta Hulme about what's fun about being five.

Cinco De Mayo: Excuse To Indulge In Tacos, Salsa?

As the Mexican holiday approaches this weekend, host Michel Martin and writer Gustavo Arellano look at America's layered relationship with Mexican culture and food.

The Consequences Of Homicide By Hazing

On Wednesday, several people were charged in the alleged hazing death of Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion, Jr. He was found unresponsive aboard a chartered bus after a football game in November 2011. Host Michel Martin speaks with Orlando Sentinel reporter Denise-Marie Balona.

NFL Rocked By 'Bounty' Scandal, Death Of Seau

News recently broke that New Orleans Saints' coaches were giving bonuses to their players for hard hits. The NFL responded by suspending coaches and now, players. The sports world was also shocked by the apparent suicide of Junior Seau, who played for the San Diego Chargers. Host Michel Martin talks with sports reporters Dave Zirin and Pablo Torre.

Militia Leader Reportedly Involved In Shooting Deaths Of Four In Arizona

A man fatally shot four people Wednesday outside of Phoenix before being found dead, authorities say. Among the dead was a girl between 1 and 2 years old. Sources tell The Arizona Republic the shooter was neo-Nazi J.T. Ready.