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Sandy Hook's Future: What's To Become Of The School?

It's been over five months since the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. And there have been plenty of opinions about what should be done with the school building. Host Michel Martin speaks with Rich Harwood about the emotional decision-making process.

The Argument For Stop-And-Frisk

Arguments in a court challenge against New York's stop-and-frisk policy wrapped up earlier this week. Critics say the policy promotes racial profiling. But host Michel Martin speaks with Heidi Grossman, New York City's lead attorney in the trial, to hear the Police Department's side of the story.

Tattoos Still Taboo?

America has a love/hate relationship with tattoos, but body ink is becoming more and more mainstream. Host Michel Martin speaks with Fatty, the owner of Fatty's Custom Tattooz in Washington, D.C, about America's fascination with tattoos, and the fading cultural taboos.

Libya 'Talking Points' Emails Put Petraeus Back In Spotlight

The role former CIA Director David Petraeus played in creating the discredited U.S. "talking points" about the violence in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including a U.S. ambassador, last year is under new scrutiny, as a Washington Post story suggests that Petraeus sought to shape the resulting memo to favor his agency.

Fifteen Years After A Vaccine Scare, A Measles Epidemic

A measles epidemic in Wales that has infected more than 1,000 people is the fallout from a fraudulent paper linking the vaccine and autism published almost 15 years ago, health officials say. Many of the children and teenagers sick with measles were never vaccinated.

'I Have Not Done Anything Wrong,' Key IRS Official Says

Lois Lerner, who's at the center of the political firestorm over her agency's singling out of some conservative groups for extra scrutiny, invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions from Congress.

Moore, Okla., Tornado Was 'Storm Of Storms'

Melissa Block and Robert Siegel give the latest in Oklahoma after a huge tornado tore through the state on Monday.

Tornado Leaves Moore, Okla., Neighborhoods Unrecognizable

Melissa Block and Robert Siegel have the latest on the tornado that caused major damage in Moore, Okla., on Monday.