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Sen. Rand Paul Filibusters To Block Brennan's Nomination

On Wednesday, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky engaged in an old fashioned filibuster. He began it shortly before noon, aimed at blocking the Presidents nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. Melissa Block talks to Brian Naylor.

Houses Passes Resolution To Keep Government Funded Through September

The House passed a bill extending the federal government's spending authority through the end of September on Wednesday, while keeping the bottom line cuts required by the sequester that just took effect. Tamara Keith talks to Audie Cornish about what it means in the ongoing battles over federal spending.

Flight Attendants Protest New TSA Rules Allowing Small Blades

The Transportation Security Administration is scaling back its list of prohibited items for airline passengers. Starting next month, people can once again carry small knives and some sporting equipment, such as golf clubs and hockey sticks. Audie Cornish talks with air travel writer Harriet Baskas about the new policy.

Senators Question Holder Over U.S. Drone Program

Attorney General Eric Holder went to Capitol Hill today to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on everything from guns to Wall Street prosecutions, among other topics. One prominent issue transcended partisan divides: senators' demand for more information about the U.S. use of drones in a targeted killing program for terrorists.

Obama's Outreach To GOP: More Optics Than Opportunity?

President Obama recently acknowledged that he doesn't have the supernatural powers necessary to do a mind meld, Jedi or otherwise, with Republicans in Congress. But as a dinner invitation shows, he can at least still get meetings with them.

Can Milk Sweetened With Aspartame Still Be Called Milk?

By adding artificial sweeteners to flavored milk, the dairy industry hopes to boost flagging consumption in schools. But if the industry gets its way, the front-of-the-package labels wouldn't note that it's "diet milk."

Arkansas Legislature Embraces Strictest U.S. Abortion Law

Arkansas has approved a law banning most abortions after 12 weeks of gestation, as both houses of the state's legislature vote to override a veto by Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe. The Republican-backed Human Heartbeat Protection Act will become the nation's most restrictive abortion law.