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Arty Students, Not Party Students, Are Champs Of Late-Night Food Delivery

Small private school students ordered 70 percent more food than others between midnight and 2 a.m. That could be because they tend to have more money and fewer on-campus dining options during those hours.

Before Reaching War Zones, Troops Risk Concussions

Thousands of U.S. troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Now the military is trying to determine how many soldiers suffer concussions in exercises like hand-to-hand combat training before they ever reach a war zone.

Two Dead After Shooting Near Empire State Building

The incident outside the landmark building ended with the gunman's death. Nine other people were injured, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Update: Isaac Might Be 'Near Hurricane Strength' When It Hits Haiti Today

The tropical storm is packing a powerful punch. After it hits Haiti, the latest projections show it then rolling over Cuba and into the Gulf of Mexico.

Simpsons Not A Big Seller For U.S. Postal Service

The post office is stuck with hundreds of millions of stamps bearing the likeness of Homer Simpson. The service predicted the stamps would be twice as popular as Elvis Presley. One billion stamps were printed, and Bloomberg reports only 318 million have been sold.

Doctor Borrows Child's Bike To Make It To Surgery

Dr. Catherine Baucom was stuck in a massive traffic jam caused by an accident in Baton Rouge, La. TV station WAFB reports she borrowed a seven-year-old girl's bike. Baucom, wearing a green surgical outfit, pedaled for miles to surgery on a small pink bike with a pink princess helmet.

Loving Children In Washington, D.C.

For Love of Children's Neighborhood Tutoring Program places children from low-income D.C. families with volunteer tutors in one-on-one relationships.