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Motive in Sikh Temple Shooting May Remain A Mystery

NPR's Dina Temple Raston talks about what authorities actually know about Wade Michael Page, the suspected gunman in the Wisconsin shooting.

Missouri's Claire McCaskill Gets Clarity On Her Opponent, If Not Her Future

The Democratic senator gets her preferred opponent in November with Rep. Todd Akin's victory in the state's Republican primary. But McCaskill still has an uphill fight to re-election.

After Being Shot By Police, Sikh Temple Gunman Killed Himself, FBI Says

Surveillance video appears to show that after a police officer shot Wade Michael Page in the stomach, the gunman took his own life with a shot in the head.

A Link Between Mental Health And Mass Violence?

Accused Wisconsin shooter, Wade Michael Page, reportedly struggled with alcoholism, and recently broke up with a girlfriend. Aurora shooter James Holmes was reportedly seeing a psychiatrist. Host Michel Martin looks at the links between mental health and mass violence with Dr. Carl Bell of the Institute for the Prevention of Violence.

Shooter Was On Radar For Years, Expert Says

The accused Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter, Wade Michael Page, was reportedly involved with white supremacist rock bands. The Southern Poverty Law Center had a file on Page dating back ten years. Senior Fellow Mark Potok speaks with host Michel Martin about how Page's political leanings may have played a role in the shooting.