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First Lady Among Mourners At Funeral For Slain Chicago Teen

Fifteen-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was shot to death just days after she and her high school band performed at the presidential inauguration in Washington. Her death brought new attention to often-overlooked urban violence and the debate over gun violence.

'We Need To Talk': Missed Connections With Hyper-Connectivity

In a world of increased virtual connections, are we missing something? Weekend Edition Sunday is exploring a few of the places where technology can actually drive us apart and make real intimacy tough: in our romantic relationships, with our kids, even in the workplace.

Raising Personable Children, Even If They're Glued To Phones

Technology is ever-present in the Jordan household. But Sue and David also want to make sure their five kids know how to relate to each other in person.

Amid Daily Struggles, Gay Rights Movement Embraces Watershed Moments

Support for gay marriage is growing, and the Supreme Court is set to take on the issue this spring. But while some in the gay community say equal rights are in sight, issues like employment discrimination can still dominate on the ground.

Week In News: Controversy Over Drone Strikes

A Justice Department memo outlining the President's authority to initiate drone strikes against suspected terrorists - even U.S. born ones - has sparked a discussion about the limits of the executive branch. Host Jacki Lyden speaks with James Fallows, national correspondent with The Atlantic, about the controversy.

Crews Clean Up Northeast Blizzard

As crews dig out from a record-breaking snow storm in New England, there are new worries about flooding. The National Weather Service reported waves three stories high off the coast. NPR's Jeff Brady reports from Boston.

Vultures Beware: Virginia Town Targets Flock Of Unwanted Visitors

In the town of Leesburg, Va., a flock of 200 turkey vultures takes over suburban backyards every few years. Despite their seeming abundance, the birds are protected by federal law, so the residents called in backup for some official vulture harassment.