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Meet The Drug Dealer Who Helps Addicts Quit

A prescription drug called Suboxone helps wean people off of heroin and pain pills, but addicts have a hard time getting prescriptions. So they're turning to the black market.

For Temp Workers, 'Temp' Looking More Permanent

The temp industry has done well in the economic recovery. But while temporary work used to be considered a steppingstone to a full-time job, some experts argue that employers may be less inclined than in the past to shift away from temp staffers when the economy rebounds.

Interviewing Scalia: Verbal Wrestling Match With A Master

Interviewing a sitting Supreme Court justice is an unusual opportunity for a journalist. If that justice is Antonin Scalia, it's also a chance to engage in some memorable give-and-take.

Black Business Owners Urge Obama To Aid Growth

President Obama's speech to the National Urban League in New Orleans comes amid a debate over the role of government in helping small businesses succeed. Some entrepreneurs in the black community say government's role is especially important for fledgling minority businesses with little capital.

Lawmakers Call On Olympics To Honor 1972 Victims

Increasingly, there are calls for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have a moment of silence during the opening ceremony. The idea is to honor Israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics in 1972. So far, the IOC has refused.

Why Isn't The U.S. More Involved In Syria's Uprising?

Robert Siegel talks to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius about how the Obama Administration foresees the future of the crisis in Syria.

Anaheim, Calif., On Edge After Violent Protests

Police used bean bags and other non-lethal measures to disperse demonstrators again Tuesday night in Anaheim, Calif. Protestors are upset about a number of police shootings.

USDA Predicts Food Prices To Rise In Drought's Wake

The USDA released its latest forecast on retail food prices on Wednesday. The drought is expected to affect prices for corn, and beef and poultry prices are expected to rise as much as 4.5 percent this year, but it's too soon to know exactly how much it will affect consumer's wallets.