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Postal Service Plans To End Saturday Mail Delivery

The U.S. Postal Service is expected to announce Wednesday that letters will no longer be delivered six days a week. The move starts this summer and should save $2 billion. Saturday package delivery, however, will continue.

Boy Scouts Delay Decision About Gays; Pentagon May Extend Some Benefits

Two stories about gay rights are breaking: Leaders of the Boy Scouts are debating whether local troops should be allowed to have gay members and leaders; and the Pentagon is reportedly looking to extend some benefits to the same-sex partners of military personnel.

Postal Service Moves To Halt Saturday Mail

The decision has been long anticipated. The Postal Service continues to lose billions of dollars a year and is looking for ways to cut costs. Eliminating Saturday delivery of first-class mail (but not packages) might save it about $2 billion annually.

The Iron Is Out, A Cat Is In As 'Monopoly' Changes Game Pieces

Scottie the dog and the others get a new competitor. Now, which of the eight game pieces would you most like to use? And will you miss the iron and its handy handle?

In Dallas, Boy Scouts Debate Opening Membership To Gays

The executive board of the Boy Scouts of America meets Wednesday to talk about whether to drop its policy to ban gay leaders and gay scouts. Activists delivered petitions with more than 1.4 million signatures to the national headquarters this week calling for an end to the ban. The issue has drawn fervent pleas and ignited a passionate debate about what the 100-year-old organization should do.

Conn. Congressman Wants Correction To 'Lincoln'

The movie shows Connecticut lawmakers voting to uphold slavery. Rep. Joe Courtney looked it up, and found his state's real-life lawmakers voted to abolish slavery in 1865. He's asking director Steven Spielberg for a correction.

Manti Te'o Deletes Twitter Account

Manti Te'o is the Notre Dame football player who says he met his girlfriend online. The woman wasn't a real person, and Te'o says he was the victim of a hoax.