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Is Drought Slowly Killing US Farms?

Farmers and ranchers continue to suffer from one of the country's worst droughts in 50 years. President Obama recently announced the government will buy up to $170 million of meat from farmers. But some say it's too little too late. Guest host Jacki Lyden speaks with Virginia farmer John Boyd and Harvest Public Media reporter Peggy Lowe.

Retail Sales Jump, But Will Rising Gas Prices Hurt?

July saw the largest retail sales increase in months, according to the Commerce Department. But not all the news is rosy. NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax joins guest host Jacki Lyden to take a look at consumer spending and the "back to school" season.

Reach For The Fries? Apple Slices Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Sliced and chopped apples shipped all over the U.S. by Ready Pac Inc., are recalled over concerns about Listeria found on plant equipment. So if you've been choosing apples over fries lately, you might want to hit pause.

Florida's Biggest Python So Far Measured 17 Feet, 7 Inches; Had 87 Eggs

The giant was captured in Everglades National Park, where managers are struggling to control a booming population of the Southeast Asian species.

N.J. Gov. Christie To Keynote Romney's Convention

The man some Republicans once hoped would be their party's 2012 presidential nominee, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, will instead deliver the keynote speech at the national convention that will make Mitt Romney the GOP's official standard bearer.

'F-Bomb' Added To Dictionary

Among the other words Merriam-Webster is including in its 2012 update: sexting, man cave, mash-up and earworm.

Unsealed Documents 'Hint At The Evidence' In Colorado Shootings

While most materials remain sealed, those that have been made public contain a glimpse or two about the case being made against James Holmes for the attack that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded.

Luxury Cars Do Poorly In New Type Of Crash Test

The first models tested to see how they do in a particularly deadly type of crash — when the front corner of a car strikes a tree or other stationary object — generally did not offer very good protection.

Striking Resemblance: Drew Brees, President Hayes

A listener to sports radio station WWL noticed an uncanny resemblance. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the spitting image of the late U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes. That is, long before the 19th president grew that long grey beard.