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Ole Miss. Homecoming Queen Rocks Out

Courtney Pearson made history when she became the first black homecoming queen at the University of Mississippi. For Tell Me More's 'In Your Ear' series, she shares the songs that inspired her to go after the crown.

Has Obama Leveled The Economic Playing Field?

President Obama is less than a week away from being sworn into a second term, but he still has plenty of unfinished business. For the Tell Me More series on unresolved issues, host Michel Martin takes a look at the president's record on creating greater economic opportunities, especially for those at the lower end of the economic ladder.

House Set For 'Marathon Debate' On Sandy Aid; Final Vote Likely Tonight

Lawmakers aren't expected to be through arguing over amendments and whether some spending should be pared until this evening. Critics say Congress has already waited too long to get money to the states hit hard by Sandy last fall.

The Politics Of Disaster Aid Are Starting To Shift

The willingness of some House members to vote against providing aid in the wake of Superstorm Sandy reflects a growing desire to take a different approach to the next set of disasters. But critics of the way federal relief is spent are still groping for a way to change it without seeming hard-hearted in the face of tragedy.

Wal-Mart Offers Veterans Jobs, Expects To Hire 100,000 Over Five Years

The retail giant employs about 1.4 million people in the U.S. Starting Memorial Day, it says it will have jobs for any veteran who has been honorably discharged and applies for work within the first year after going off active duty.

Monsanto Lawyer Suggests New Standard For Suing Farmers

Many farmers are worried that the biotech giant will sue them if a patented gene gets accidentally incorporated into their crops. But in a departure, one Monsanto lawyer says that only farmers that specifically take advantage of the company's technology would face a lawsuit.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks

Thomas had gone seven years without saying a word in oral arguments. Then, on Monday, Justice Thomas made a remark. Several justices were talking at once, leaving his exact words unclear. But a detailed contextual analysis by The New York Times suggests he told a joke.

White House Plan On Guns To Include 19 Executive Actions, Lawmakers Say

When the president unveils his administration's plan this week, it will include a call for legislation to expand background checks of gun buyers. But it will also include a series of steps, such as increased sharing of mental health records, that the president may take on his own.