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Navigating The Lines Between Ethnicity And Identity

Race and ethnicity influence nearly all aspects of American life. Matt Thompson, leader of NPR's race, ethnicity and culture team Code Switch, and Beverly Cross, professor of urban education at the University of Memphis, discuss how the relationship between ethnicity and identity morphs over time.

Boston's Heroes Seriously Inspire Ray From 'Car Talk'

Jokes were not on funny guy Ray Magliozzi's mind Thursday when he talked with WBUR. Instead, the Car Talk co-host wanted to focus on the acts of bravery and selflessness at the scene of Monday's bombings.

Boston Bombings Bring Out The 'Crowdsleuthers'

Investigators have said the key clue is likely to come from photos or video taken by the public, and social media sites are buzzing with theories about possible suspects. But with so many images out there, it's like trying to find the one slightly off-white pingpong ball buried under 10,000 white pingpong balls.

Obama: 'A Bomb Can't Beat Us'

"Small, stunted individuals who would destroy instead of build" do not understand Americans, the president said at an interfaith service in Boston. The event was both to remember the victims of Monday's marathon bombings and to praise the bravery and spirit of those who rushed to help the injured.

FDA's Rejection Of Generic OxyContin May Have Side Effects

A push to make narcotic painkillers harder to abuse means that generic versions of OxyContin won't be allowed. But drugs that are more resistant to abuse are expensive and can still be addictive.

Obama Visits Boston Service As Investigation Continues

Hundreds of people gathered at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston's South End, about a mile from the bombing site, for an interfaith memorial service Thursday.

Search And Rescue Ongoing After Texas Plant Explosion

A fertilizer plant exploded near Waco, Texas, Wednesday night. Officials report between five and 15 people were killed, and more than 160 wounded.

Gun Control Battle: Any Room For Political Leeway?

Gun control advocates are regrouping after the Senate's failure to pass new gun regulations on Wednesday. Host Michel Martin talks about the political news of the week with analysts Maria Teresa Kumar, Lenny McAllister and NPR's senior Washington editor, Ron Elving.