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Romney Tries To Shape Distinct Iran Policy

The Republican presidential candidate says America's national security priority should be preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, a point he made directly during a weekend stop in Israel. But analysts say Mitt Romney's policy descriptions sound much like those of President Obama.

Phelps Sets New Olympic Record With 19 Medals; America's Schmitt Wins Gold

The U.S. men's swimming team has won the 4x200m freestyle relay, in a race that also gave Michael Phelps a record 19 medals in the Olympics. He netted his 18th, a silver, earlier in the day. Also netting a gold was American Allison Schmitt, who won the women's 200m freestyle.

America's 'Most Polluted' Lake Finally Comes Clean

A one-two punch of municipal waste and industrial dumping gave Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, N.Y., the reputation as one of the most polluted lakes in America. But after years of cleanup efforts, the lake has undergone a transformation, and now the final phase of its cleanup is set to begin.

Deal Struck To Avoid Possibility Of Government Shutdown In October

Republican and Democratic leaders have agreed on a plan to fund the government for the first six months of fiscal 2013. Still left to debate: whether to extend the so-called Bush tax cuts and looming, deep automatic cuts in some spending.

U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team Wins Gold Medal; First In 16 Years

The U.S. women's gymnastics team has won the team gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics, handily beating Russia, which took silver, and Romania, which took bronze. China finished fourth.

Obama Picks San Antonio Mayor For Convention Keynote

Julian Castro, the high-achieving and young mayor of San Antonio, will become the first Hispanic American to give the keynote address at a Democratic convention.

Dying Man's Wish To Leave $500 Tip Turns Into Nearly $50,000 Charity

Aaron Collins died on July 7. He had asked his family to leave some waiter or waitress a $500 tip. When they asked for help in making his wish come true, donations poured in. Now, they expect to be making Aaron's wish come true about once a week for the next two years.

London 2012 Lives Up To 'Social Games' Title, In Unwelcome Ways

The London 2012 Games have been touted as the first Olympics to live fully in the age of social media. But a rash of scandals related to Twitter has put a new mark on the face of the London Games. The stories range from a journalist's suspended account to a tweeting teen who has been arrested.