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Criminal Probe Launched In Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast

The Texas Rangers will join with local investigators. The April 17 explosion killed 15 people and devastated the small community of West, near Waco.

'Monkeemobile' Creator Dean Jeffries Dies

A Hollywood legend, he built cars for TV shows and movies, and customized rides for stars. It was Jeffries who painted James Dean's nickname — "Little Bastard" — on the Porsche 550 Sypder that the actor crashed in 1955. He was 80.

Like 'Lazarus,' Mark Sanford Returns To Office

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford can soon add the title 'United States Representative' to his name. And an announcement that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made regarding his weight has people talking. Host Michel Martin catches up on the some of this week's political news with commentators Keli Goff and Mary Kate Cary.

Does It Matter That 'Hero' Charles Ramsey Has A Criminal Past?

It's been a riveting week as the nation watched the story of three missing women reuniting with family members in Cleveland. The women were kidnapped during separate incidents several years ago and were imprisoned in the same house. Host Michel Martin talks to the barbershop guys about the many threads of this story.

Immigration Comments Touch Nerve With 'Diverse' Canadians

Host Michel Martin and editor Ammad Omar dip into Tell Me More listeners' letters to get their take on the week's top stories. This week, Canadian listeners take exception to a comment made on Thursday's show.

Making Peace With The Bible By Writing It Out Word For Word

Reading the Bible from cover to cover might seem like a heavy task. But what about writing it? Host Michel Martin speaks with Phillip Patterson, who is just two verses away from writing out the whole King James Bible. He talks about how he kept the faith in spite of loss and illness.