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Time's Running Out For Missouri's Todd Akin

In the closing days of the campaign, some serious money is coming in behind the controversial GOP Senate nominee, and one recent poll showed his race against Claire McCaskill is a dead heat. But most observers think he's already done his campaign too much damage.

Stuck In The Middle (Class) With You

When the presidential candidates speak about the "middle class," they're making a safe bet that you'll think they're talking to you. The middle class doesn't have an economic definition, and Americans of widely varying income levels identify with it. The class-based term seems to have lost its distinction.

Insurance Companies Rethink Business After Sandy

Sandy is just the latest in a series of powerful storms to wallop the East Coast in recent years. The toll may cause insurance companies to consider how they will assess future risks.

Despite Anti-Fungal Treatment, More Woes For Some Meningitis Patients

Two new types of fungal infection are emerging among people exposed to contaminated medication from a Massachusetts pharmacy.

With Buses And Billboards, Small-Money Groups Try To Make A Mark

From a DVD claiming that President Obama's real father was a communist poet, to small-market TV ads of child readers urging support for the president, this campaign season has seen its share of outside-the-mainstream efforts to influence the election.

Amid Cheers, Manhattan Comes Back To Life

Power has come back on to most areas of Manhattan blacked out by superstorm Sandy. Many people celebrated the return of lights, heat and water as an opportunity to return to normal life. NPR's Quil Lawrence visited a housing project on the lower east side, where residents were grateful to be out of the darkness.