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Latest Jobs Data Maintain Status Quo Of Obama-Romney Race

The monthly jobs report pretty much left the presidential race unchanged, though it may benefit President Obama. The news that the economy had created far more jobs than were forecast was clearly good news for the incumbent. But Republican Mitt Romney jumped on an uptick in the jobless rate.

In Growing Baltimore, Are Immigrants The Key?

The population of Baltimore, Maryland has been declining, like many formerly industrial cities. But now, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is trying to fight that decades-long trend. She speaks to host Michel Martin about opening Baltimore to immigrants, and whether doing so might aggravate the city's already high unemployment rate.

Stories Of The Colorado Victims: Thinking Of Alex Teves, 'You Smile'

He was sheltering his girlfriend when he was shot and killed. Friends say the 24-year-old Arizona native had a passion for life and always put others first.

Canning History: When Propaganda Encouraged Patriotic Preserves

For many, modern home canning is more of a hobby than a food source. But during the world wars, canned foods were more than just sustenance; they were a symbol pf American patriotism and solidarity.

A New Generation Of Vets Faces Challenges At Home

The Veterans Administration recently announced a $100 million program to fight homelessness among America's war veterans. The issue isn't new. For a generation, shelters have seen many Vietnam vets. Now, younger vets are landing on the street after seeing combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.

First Batch Of Family's Rare Baseball Cards Fetches $566,000

Found in a granddad's attic, by the time the whole collection is sold it may bring in about $3 million.