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Why Lebanese Love Their Raw Kibbeh

Kibbeh nayeh is a beloved Lebanese dish made with raw meat. A salmonella outbreak put kibbeh in the news last week — which is a shame, says writer Maureen Abood, because for many Lebanese, kibbeh nayeh means festival and family.

At Prayer Breakfast, Obama Urges 'Humility'

The president said he worries that "as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast, everything we've been talking about the whole time at the prayer breakfast is forgotten." He and other leaders, Obama said, need to retain the "humility" they express when praying.

Minnesota's Moose Mystery: What's Killing Them?

In northeastern Minnesota, moose are dying at an alarming rate. State officials are having difficulty determining why. And though hunters are not part of the problem, the state announced Wednesday that there will be no moose hunting season this coming fall. Disease? Predators? Climate change?

'Real Nightmare' Headed For New England; Blizzard On Track For Friday

If anything, already ominous-sounding forecasts are getting even more serious. By the the time it's all over this weekend, some parts of Massachusetts and surrounding states could have two feet of new snow on the ground.


'Don't Give Up On Us': Puerto Ricans Wrestle With High Crime

Puerto Rico's per capita murder rate is six times that of the U.S. as a whole. And with violence escalating, many residents are fleeing to the mainland. Still others hope to turn their home around.

Silica Rule Changes Delayed While Workers Face Health Risks

Regulations to restrict the amount of silica dust that workers can inhale was set decades ago, and workplace safety experts say that limit needs to be cut in half. A proposal for new rules was sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget for a 90-day review, but almost two years later, it's still under review.

Obama's Pick For CIA Chief To Face Senate Scrutiny

As Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan has been associated with some controversial policies, including the use of armed drones. It's unlikely his appointment as CIA director is in trouble, but he's likely to face questions on drones as well as the agency's interrogation policies.

Justice Department To Share Secret Drone Memo With Congress

The decision to grant lawmakers access to the classified information comes a day before the president's pick to head the CIA has his confirmation hearing. The classified information details the rationale for targeted strikes against U.S. citizens believed to have links to al-Qaida.

Air Base In Saudi Arabia Is Latest Drone Secret To Be Revealed

The Obama administration wanted to keep the existence of the base secret. It has been used to target al-Qaida members in Yemen.