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Report: Man Given Boots By NYC Police Officer Has Apartment He Could Use

But Jeffrey Hillman remains on the streets, the Daily News reports. City officials say they have tried to help him in various ways, but Hillman turns them down. A photo of of the officer giving Hillman boots on a frigid night captured many hearts.

Crime On The Farm: Hay Thefts Soar As Drought Deepens

Hay prices are up sharply because of the drought across much of the nation. So hay bales sitting in fields have become hot properties. So much so, in fact, that a sheriff in Oklahoma put a GPS tracker in one bale. It helped him track down the suspects.

Time For A 'Black Agenda' In The White House?

President Obama has another four years to pursue his goals. Now, some of the groups who elected him are asking what's in it for them. Host Michel Martin discusses whether the president should pursue a 'black agenda' with The Root's Keli Goff and former Cincinnati Mayor Kenneth Blackwell.

Son Questions Mother's Shaken Baby Conviction

Caregivers have been prosecuted and jailed for harming children by shaking them. Now, some researchers are saying shaken baby syndrome is a more complicated diagnosis than previously thought. Host Michel Martin speaks with Victor Zapana, whose mother was convicted of shaking a baby, and NPR Investigative Correspondent Joe Shapiro.

Living On Food Stamps: Newark Mayor Cory Booker Starts Challenge Today

The Democratic politician has taken up a challenge to live on $30 worth of food for a week. That's about what the average food stamps recipient in his state receives. It's part of a campaign to raise awareness about the struggles of low-income Americans.

Online Courses Force Changes To Higher Education

Online college courses are attracting hundreds of thousands of students, and that's forcing colleges and policymakers to rethink higher education. The online courses may pose a serious challenge to the way institutions deliver a college education.

Obama Changes Tack With Congressional Republicans

President Obama won re-election four weeks ago, and he's trying out a new leadership style which has him taking a different approach to Congress.

Manhattan Project Sites Part Of Proposed Park

Congress is considering whether to turn three top-secret sites involved with creating the atomic bomb into one of the country's most unusual national parks. Critics question the need for a park that celebrates nuclear weapons. Supporters say the park would ask tough questions about lessons learned.