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Senate Committee Takes Up Expanded Gun Measures

The committee, controlled by Democrats, is likely to approve expanding background to private transactions and to debate a renewed assault weapons ban.

Ryan Says His Budget Would Balance In 10 Years

While "opponents will shout austerity," the Republican lawmaker says his plan would still let federal spending grow. It just wouldn't grow as quickly as now projected, he says, and would come into balance if the economy continues to expand and boosts federal revenue.

Arizona State's Mascot Gets A Makeover, And Backlash

The mascot for Arizona State is Sparky the Sun Devil, who wore a red costume with horns and a pitchfork. After Disney helped update Sparky, some students found his new look — with big eyes and bulging muscles — creepy.

N.Y. Judge Overturns Bloomberg's Soda Ban

A New York state judge has sided with the beverage industry and struck down the Bloomberg administration's controversial ban on big sugary drinks. The judge ruled that the rule, put in place by New York City's health department and set to take effect Tuesday, is "arbitrary and capricious."

Maine, Tribes Seek 'Truth And Reconciliation'

In Maine, an unusual and historic process is under way to document child welfare practices that once resulted in Indian children being forcibly removed from their homes. Many of the native children were placed with white foster parents. Chiefs from all five of Maine's tribes, along with Gov. Paul LePage, have created a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to help heal the wounds.

Self-Tracking Apps To Help You 'Quantify' Yourself

Technology is making it easier than ever to track everything from your sleep cycles to the food you eat — and even your amino acid levels.