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Colorado Shooting Stories: Teen Shielded Woman And Her Kids; He Got Shot

When 18-year-old Jarell Brooks saw a woman and her two children trying to crawl to safety, he got between them and the gunman. He says he couldn't have done anything else and lived with himself afterward.

How Climate Change Is Changing The Oyster Business

Oyster farmers have developed coping strategies for the higher levels of carbon dioxide that make it hard to grow oysters off the West Coast. But some scientists warn that the problem is only going to get worse.

Update: FAA Says Planes Weren't On Collision Course Above D.C. Airport

As air traffic controllers were rerouting planes because of a storm, two aircraft were allowed to take off and head directly toward an incoming jet. Fortunately, the mistake was caught in time.

Jobless Claims Rose By 8,000 Last Week

Gauging just what's going on with claims is proving difficult, however, because of some positive news: automakers have been skipping their standard summer shutdowns. So layoffs have likely been lower than normal.

Psychiatrist Was Alarmed By Aurora Shooting Suspect's Behavior, Media Report

According to KMGH-TV and The Denver Post, in early June the psychiatrist began the process of involving the university's "threat assessment" team. But when James Holmes withdrew from the school in mid-June, the university lost its control over him.

They Take The Cake In Boise, Idaho

Kathy Plaisance oversees Community Cakes, a group of 50 volunteer bakers who deliver homemade birthday cakes to people who might otherwise not have one.

Will You Marry Me? Wait, Where Are You?

A man from Great Falls, Mont., made all the right moves. He took his girlfriend to a Cubs game in Chicago and arranged to flash a message on the stadium's giant screen: "Erica, will you marry me?" But she was in the beer line.

Drones: From War Weapon To Homemade Toy

Drones are no longer the sole province of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies. They are starting to appear in U.S. skies. Police are employing them to fight crime. Enthusiasts are making their own at home. Rules governing their use are changing, and civil liberties groups are calling for privacy restrictions.

Back To The Debt Debacle: A Look At What's Changed

It was just a year ago that the House rejected a deal with President Obama and threatened to allow the U.S. to default on debt obligations coming due. The Tea Party refusal to raise the debt ceiling led to a downgrade in U.S. credit and a selloff in the markets. NPR's David Welna reports on what's changed since then and what hasn't.