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Berkeley Receives $1M For Undocumented Students

The $1 million gift will help 200 students pay tuition and living expenses to stay enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley. While some undocumented students call the scholarship fund a game changer, not everyone is applauding.

Sudanese Teens Fight To Play Basketball In Illinois

A tiny residential school in Illinois has successfully fought to keep three Sudanese basketball players on its team. The head of the Illinois High School Association initially ruled that Mooseheart High school illegally recruited the teenagers, who are all 6 feet 7 inches and taller.

Police Criticized For Firing 137 Shots In Car Chase

Some Cleveland residents are calling for a federal investigation following a lengthy car chase that ended badly. Police fired more than 100 rounds at a stopped car, killing the driver and passenger. Some in the community are troubled by what they say are racial overtones in the case.

U.S. Officials Hope HSBC Penalty Sends A Message

One of Britain's largest banks has agreed to pay $1.9 billion to settle money laundering charges brought by U.S. officials. HSBC acknowledged that it transferred money for Mexican drug cartels and for countries such as Iran that are under international sanctions.

Inscription On Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial To Be Removed

The quote will be removed instead of replaced to avoid harming the monument's structural integrity. Critics, including poet Maya Angelou, had criticized the current iteration of the "Drum Major" quote, saying it made King sound arrogant.

Lawyer For WikiLeaks Suspect Says Client Was Treated As 'Zoo Animal'

The pretrial hearing for Wikileaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning ended on Tuesday, but the massive amounts of documents he is accused of leaking were hardly mentioned in the 10-day hearing. Instead, the focus was Manning's treatment at the hands of the military.

In Freedom, Ex-Felon Becomes Probation Counselor

The federal probation office in St. Louis has one of the biggest caseloads of violent offenders in the country — and one of the lowest recidivism rates. That's in part because of a former felon who knows how to keep ex-offenders from returning to prison.