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In Chicago, 'Perfect Storm' Led To Teachers' Strike

The issues at stake in the Chicago teachers strike have already been encountered in hundreds of school systems around the country, but few, if any, have led to strikes. In Chicago, it was a combination of personalities, politics and local issues that brought the situation to a boil.

Obama To Mark Anniversary Of Sept. 11

President Obama will mark the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks with a moment of silence on the South Lawn of the White House.

Remembering The Sept. 11 Attacks

On this date 11 years ago, al-Qaida operatives hijacked four airliners and used two of them to knock down the World Trade Center towers in New York City, and another to crash into the Pentagon. The fourth that was also headed to Washington crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers stormed the cockpit.

Episcopal Church Woos Latinos To Congregations

In Oregon, the number of Latino Episcopalians has tripled in recent years. The church is also seeing considerably higher Latino membership in Nevada and Washington, D.C. Church leaders say the influx is due in part to a focused marketing campaign.

Army Aims To Use Words, Not Weapons, With Afghans

As the U.S. military steps up training of Afghan troops in preparation for the U.S. withdrawal in 2014, it has also ratcheted up its efforts to train U.S. soldiers in Afghan language and customs. This year, the Army has more than doubled the number of soldiers trained in Pashto and Dari.

Trenton Mayor Arrested On Corruption Charges

Trenton, N.J., Mayor Tony Mack has been arrested on corruption charges after a two year FBI sting operation. Prosecutors say the mayor, his brother and a top political supporter conspired to obstruct justice in connection with a parking garage project in the New Jersey state capital.

Chicago Strike Emblematic Of Union Struggle

Teachers unions were once a dominant force in American politics and education policy. While still major players, they are rapidly losing strength and having a harder time finding reliable allies.