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Work/Life Balance: When The 'Kid Card' Gets Old

In a recent article for Slate, NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates wrote that it's unfair when parents pull the 'kid card' by saying they need to leave work to care for children. She joins host Michel Martin to discuss the issue, along with father and author Phil Lerman, and Bridget Johnson, a childless journalist.

Boy Scouts March In Uniform At Utah Gay Pride Parade

Although the local Scout council said they should not wear their uniforms, some of the scouts did. In May, the national Scout council voted to allow openly gay boys to become members.

Why Do People Live In Twister-Prone Oklahoma?

In response to our coverage of the tornadoes, online comments have asked, "Why put yourself in the path of such disaster?" But Oklahoma residents have their reasons for staying put.

Supreme Court Upholds Warrantless Collection Of DNA

Once a person is arrested it is not unreasonable for police to collect DNA, just as they collect fingerprints, the court says. In a dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia and three others say that isn't so.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg Dies At 89

The Democrat from New Jersey was the Senate's last World War II veteran. He had said earlier this year that he would not be seeking a sixth term.

Yankees Pay Tribute To 'Lifelong' Fan

Yankees fan Bernando LaPallo says he was born the same year as his team. And Saturday, more than a century after attending his first game, LaPallo was at the new Yankee Stadium for what he called the "greatest day of my life." LaPallo says he is 111.

Wisconsin Hopes Cream Puff Controversy Won't Curdle Fair

The Wisconsin dairy farm that supplied the whipped cream for decades suddenly shut down. So this summer, the whipped cream will come from a dairy co-operative in Illinois. The Wisconsin Bakers Association has been assured that the milk in the Illinois whipped cream comes from cows in Wisconsin.