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Gymnast Gabby Douglas A Breakthrough Olympic Star

Gabrielle Douglas has gone from being a little girl who talked her mom into letting her pursue gymnastics to a gold medal Olympian.

New York Officials: Breast Milk May Be Best 'Formula'

New York City officials hope an initiative will help more new moms choose breast-feeding over baby formula. Some critics are sour on the idea, urging the government to stand back and not create another layer of pressure to already-anxious new parents.

Track Cyclist's Admitting To Intentional Crash Won't Bring Investigation

If one thing is clear at these London Games, it's that not doing one's best is not only uncool — it's not allowed. Witness the badminton-to-worstminton scandal that erupted earlier this week. But in track cycling, what seems to be an admission of crashing on purpose won't bring an inquiry.

With Annan Out, U.S. Is Pressured To Act In Syria

International Envoy Kofi Annan is quitting and his peace plan for Syria in tatters. So, what will the U.S. and others do now? President Obama has quietly allowed a group to raise money to give to the Free Syrian Army and U.S. diplomats have been trying to get a better sense of the opposition on the ground, offering non-lethal support. Syrian opposition figures complain that these are only small adjustments that won't make a difference amid a rapidly changing situation on the ground.

If Almonds Bring You Joy, Enjoy More For Fewer Calories

New research shows that official calorie counts for almonds may be off by as much as 20 percent because of the way we digest them. That may be good news people watching their weight who want to incorporate more almonds in their diet.

Phelps And Franklin Add To Their Medal Totals, And A New Teen Phenom Emerges

In one of the last big showcases for swimming at the London Summer Olympics, American athletes Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin add to their medal totals, and another U.S. teen takes a gold medal.

'Entire World' Has Responded To The $500 Tip 'Last Wish,' Brother Says

Seth Collins says his brother Aaron's request that the family give a waiter or waitress an "awesome" tip has touched people around the world.

Making Connections In Durham, N.C.

Project Homeless Connect pulls together agencies and services to host an annual one-stop shop for people living on the street.