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Airlines Can Keep You From Snapping, But Not Sharing Photos

A recent incident on a commercial airliner raises an interesting question: can an airline bar you from taking pictures on their plane?

Can Star Power Make New Orleans' Food Deserts Bloom?

Actor Wendell Pierce, who stars in David Simon's Treme, is trying to combat New Orleans' food deserts by building convenience and grocery stores in the city's neediest areas. But a host of stumbling blocks still make it hard to get fresh, healthful foods to people living in these areas.

Immigrants To Be Largest Driver Of U.S. Population Growth

The Census Bureau projects, for the first time in almost two centuries, immigrants will be the main source of U.S. population growth as early as 2027.

When The Missing Return, Recovery Is Long, Too

More than 300 freed abductees are part of an online community they call the RooterHood, where they can share their stories, their fears, and get help.

Security Tapes Show Supermarket Glutton Stuffing Himself

Police in Kentucky say Trevor Runyon slipped into a supermarket and waited for it to close.Surveillance cameras show he then had a feast. He cooked and ate six steak, and washed them down with beer, shrimp and birthday cake. Police found him hiding in the ceiling.

Unsatisfied Fan Uses Tweets To Torment Players

The NBA's New York Knicks lost to the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night, falling further behind in their playoff series. Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith took responsibility. A new Twitter account followed each shot he took.

Publisher Threatens Librarian With $1 Billion Lawsuit

A scholarly publisher has issued a warning to Jeffrey Beall, a Colorado librarian who writes about what he calls "predatory" practices in the journal industry, threatening him with a $1 billion lawsuit for his blog posts about the company. The publisher, based in India, says he could also face jail time.