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As More Move To Cities, A New Take On Urban Design

With 7 billion people expected to live in urban centers by 2050, the stakes are enormous for building them right. There are many things to think about — traffic, trash, water, connectivity and more. Whether you're a new mega city being built in Saudi Arabia or old Liverpool trying to rejuvenate yourself, you face a lot of the same issues. Hundreds of mayors, private sector actors, think tanks and citizens groups convened in Paris this week to share ideas.

Missile Defense A Divisive Topic At NATO Summit

Russia and the U.S. are trying hard to bridge their differences over the U.S. plan to build a missile defense system in Europe. Russia holds deep suspicions that the system is actually a plan to counter Russian nuclear missiles, not to protect Europe and the Middle East from Iranian missiles. The issue is an urgent one as NATO gets ready to hold a summit in Chicago and formalize its commitment to missile defense in Europe.

Nurses Group Among Protestors At NATO Summit

What's being called the first official protest of NATO kicked off Friday in downtown Chicago, where an estimated 1,000 nurses are expected to gather. They're calling for a "Robin Hood Tax" whereby Wall Street earnings are taxed to help relieve inadequacies in healthcare.

Woman Who Tried To Commit Suicide While Pregnant Gets Bail

A state court in Indianapolis granted a Chinese immigrant $50,000 bond in a case that has mobilized advocates for women's rights and abortion rights nationwide. The case could set a precedent for the prosecution of pregnant women whose infants die.

George W. Bush Will Return To The White House, Briefly

Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, are expected to return to their home of eight years for the unveiling of their official portraits.

Will Population Shifts Alter Immigration Debate?

As Latinos became America's largest minority, their population growth significantly slowed. And Mexican immigration, which contributed the overwhelming majority of illegal entries, has come to a halt.

Pipeline Flip Turns U.S. Oil World 'Upside Down'

An oil boom in the American heartland has created an oil glut in the middle of the country. Now, a pipeline that has been pumping crude oil from Texas to the Midwest will reverse its flow, reducing the bottleneck — and potentially creating winners and losers at the pump.

Insurers Paid $479 Million In Claims For Dog Bites Last Year

The average cost per claim grew by 12.3 percent from the year before, to $29,296. That average has soared 53.4 percent since 2003.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Again A Crime Victim

US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's Washington home was burglarized in early May, just months after he and his wife were robbed while on vacation in the West Indies.