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Stories Of The Colorado Victims: Mom's Sure Her Daughter Stood Up To Gunman

Rebecca Wingo, 32, was facing the attacker when she was shot, her mother has been told. Shirley Wygal is sure her daughter believed that "if you're going to shoot me, you're going to look at me and do it."

The Disagreement Behind Our Economic Platform

Getting economists of different stripes to agree on Planet Money's six policy proposals wasn't easy — and panel member Dean Baker says the disagreements matter.

Justice Department Employees Cited For Nepotism In Hiring

The department's inspector general has uncovered what he calls illegal hiring practices at the federal agency. In a new report he cites eight employees for trying to find jobs for their children and other relatives

Water Polo Goalie Hopes To 'Get It Done' In London

Water Polo teams will compete head-to-head starting this weekend at the London Olympics. As part of Tell Me More's series on the athletes you'll be watching, host Michel Martin speaks with Tumua Anae. She's a goal keeper for the U.S. Olympic Women's Water Polo Team and shares how she's preparing for the Games.

Oakland Police Radios Failed During Obama's Visit To City

"It was a train wreck," Lt. Fred Mestas told the San Francisco Chronicle. For 30 minutes, many officers couldn't communicate with each other, the newspaper reports.

Jobless Claims Drop, Previous Week's Increase Erased

The decline was a surprise. Economists say the Labor Department has been having difficulty applying "seasonal adjustments" to the figures because of changes in the timing of annual shutdowns at auto plants.

Reports: Notebook From Colo. Shootings Suspect Arrived At School After Attack

Law enforcement sources tell several news outlets that the notebook was sent by James Holmes. There are also reports that it contains drawings about a massacre.

Drought Threatens Small Town's Big Boat Race

For more than 25 years, a tiny town in northern Illinois has hosted a national powerboat competition. It attracts thousands of people who spend much-needed money in the sleepy village of DePue. But the ongoing drought is threatening this year's competition: To get enough water on the lake, the town needs to pump 650 million gallons out of a nearby river. Mike Moen reports from member station WNIJ.

In Drought-Stricken Midwest, It's Fodder Vs. Fuel

As the drought continues to afflict the nation's corn belt, hog and chicken farmers are competing with ethanol factories for scarce and increasingly expensive corn. Meat producers say it's not a fair competition, because government rules call for a minimum level of ethanol production, no matter what the cost. They're campaigning for a suspension of those rules.

Meet The Drug Dealer Who Helps Addicts Quit

A prescription drug called Suboxone helps wean people off of heroin and pain pills, but addicts have a hard time getting prescriptions. So they're turning to the black market.