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Striking Chicago Teachers And City Still 'Miles Apart' On Contract

The union president says the two sides have made incremental progress but no deal was in sight as teachers continued to man the picket lines.

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, 52, Killed In Libya

The U.S. State Department said its ambassador in Libya, Chris Stevens, was killed in an attack on a diplomatic facility in Benghazi. For more on the ambassador's life, Steve Inskeep speaks with journalist Robin Wright.

U.S. Ambassador To Libya, Three Other Americans Killed In Benghazi Attack

The deaths came after protesters fired a rocket-propelled grenade into the consulate, and protesters in Egypt scaled the U.S. embassy walls there.

Alaska Fisherman Rescued From Plastic Bin

When Ryan Hunter Harris' fishing boat overturned in high waves off the coast of Alaska, his crewmate got back to shore in a survival suit. Harris wasn't so lucky. He spent the next 26 hours adrift in a plastic bin used to store fish. Eventually another fishing crew picked him up.

Gettysburg's Electric Battle Map Up For Sale

Generations of tourists saw a map at Gettysburg, Pa., 29 feet on each side, laid on a floor. The relief map features electric lights to show the battle. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says after building a new visitors' center, the National Park Service is auctioning off the map.

As Chicago Teachers Strike, Unions At A Crossroad

Unions in Wisconsin challenged Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union policies and lost, while teachers successfully challenged similar laws in Ohio. But many of these policies are supported by President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and other Democrats. And the American Federation of Teachers has been walking a fine line between advocating for reform and protecting traditional union positions.

Software, Not Just Bullets, Puts Military At Odds

For years, the U.S. Army has been using sophisticated data analysis to identify "high-value" targets and dismantle the groups that plant IEDs. With billions of dollars at stake, however, a major battle has erupted over which software the Army should use.

Five Ways To Spot A Fake Online Review, Restaurant Or Otherwise

Online reviews of restaurants, travel deals, apps and just about anything you want to buy have become a powerful driver of consumer behavior. Unsurprisingly, they have also created a powerful incentive to cheat.