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New Survey Takes A Snapshot Of The View From Black America

Despite being buffeted by high unemployment and the recession in recent years, African-Americans expressed high levels of life satisfaction and optimism for the future.

Why Chase Tornadoes? To Save Lives, Not To 'Die Ourselves'

A scientist who studies tornadoes says there's still much to be learned about how they form and how to better forecast them. Still, the storm chasing and research communities will be reevaluating their procedures in the wake of three colleagues' deaths.

Mississippi Man Indicted In Ricin Letters Case

Maximum punishments for the counts leveled against James Everett Dutschke range from five years to life in prison. He was arrested in April on suspicions that he sent letters containing the poison ricin to President Obama and other officials.

White House-Issa Fight: Nasty But Normal In Washington

It's what happens when one party holds the White House and the other at least one congressional chamber. Subpoenas are launched like rockets at an enemy camp.

Miss. Turns To 'Cord Blood' To Track Down Statutory Rapists

Starting in July, doctors and midwives in Mississippi will be required by law to collect samples of umbilical cord blood from babies born to some girls under the age of 16. Officials will analyze the samples and try to identify the fathers through matches in the state's DNA database.

Bradley Manning Court-Martial Begins In WikiLeaks Case

Starkly different views of Pfc. Bradley Manning were presented on the first day of his court-martial for providing classified data that WikiLeaks posted online. Manning is accused of aiding the enemy, specifically al-Qaida. Possible penalties for that charge include life in prison.

Calif. Firefighters Rush To Get Ahead Of Early Fire Season

The state has already sustained fire damage not normally seen until deep into the hot summer months. Fire departments and homeowners are now trying to prepare land and property for what's expected to be a long and destructive summer.