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Rand Paul's Philosophies: Rhetoric Or Reality?

Host Michel Martin continues her interview with Senator Rand Paul. She asks whether his actions really line up with his libertarian philosophies.

Japanese Carmakers Recall Millions Of Vehicles Over Faulty Airbags

About 3.4 million vehicles produced since 2000 are subject to the recall due to faulty airbag inflators.

'He Saved Hundreds': Army Chaplain To Get Medal Of Honor

Emil Kapaun will be honored for his "extraordinary heroism" during the Korean War. The Catholic priest, who died in a prisoner of war camp in 1951, is also a potential candidate for sainthood.

Wild Weather Warning: Tornadoes, Heavy Snows, High Winds

There have been tornadoes in Missouri and Arkansas. More severe storms are expected in parts of the southern Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Meanwhile, Minnesota and other places in the upper Midwest are bracing for another foot of snow. Where's spring?

Michelle Obama Steps Into Gun Control Debate

The first lady gave a personal and emotional speech in her hometown, two months after attending the funeral of a Chicago teen who was shot and killed earlier this year. Michelle Obama is encouraging business leaders to donate millions of dollars for programs to help at-risk youth.

Cities Turn Sewage Into 'Black Gold' For Local Farms

Cities are finding beneficial and lucrative ways to dispose of solid waste, while also helping farmers. But a lot of sewage still ends up in landfills or being processed at big, industrial incinerators.

GOP Rejects Tax Increases In Obama's Budget

Audie Cornish talks to GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rogers about President Obama's new budget.

Immigration Activists Call For Faster Policy Reforms

Thousands of protesters descended on Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, demanding action by Congress on immigration.