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Trayvon Martin Case: Jailhouse Calls From Zimmerman To Wife Released

Prosecutors say the calls show the Zimmermans knew that roughly $135,000 had been raised by a website set up to support his defense. They did not tell that to a court during his initial bond hearing.

1 Wedding Dress, 3 Generations Of Brides

For many brides, picking out "the dress" can be the most daunting part of wedding planning, but for Ali Manson, her dress was never a question. Three generations of women in her family have shared one wedding dress. Host Michel Martin speaks with Manson and Washington Post staff writer Ellen McCarthy, who wrote about the family's tradition.

Undocumented Immigrants React To Obama Decision

President Obama announced Friday to let certain illegal immigrants stay in the U.S. Host Michel Martin continues to discuss the latest changes to immigration policy with lawyer Sarah Moshe and undocumented immigrants Gaby Pacheco and Jose Antonio Vargas. He wrote the latest Time magazine cover story about his life as an illegal immigrant.

Will New Policy Reopen Immigration Debate?

Immigration lawyers are moving quickly in response to President Obama's decision to let certain illegal immigrants stay in the country. Host Michel Martin discusses the latest changes with immigration attorney Sarah Moshe and two undocumented immigrants: journalist Jose Antonio Vargas and immigration rights advocate Gaby Pacheco.

Rodney King: 'What I Had To Do Was Make It Better'

"I wouldn't want to go to bed with all that anger every day," he told KPCC in April, about trying to forgive, rather than avenge, his 1991 beating at the hands of police.