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Can Drug-Sniffing Dog Prompt Home Search?

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that centers on whether police legally searched a home after a dog detected marijuana inside and a judge issued a search warrant. Florida's highest court said the search violated the Fourth Amendment.

Shift In Mormon Age Policy Widens Women's Options

The Mormon Church announced earlier this month that young women can begin their mission trips when they're 19 — two years earlier than the previous policy allowed. The shift is also a seismic change in philosophy — and sends the signal that young women have more options in planning their futures.

The Hard-Boiled Truth About Egg Soups

When T. Susan Chang was young, her mother would make egg soup for her when she got sick. Now, the food writer poaches a few eggs from her chickens' nests to make these soups when her kids get the sniffles.

The Political Odd Couple: Jersey Shore Edition

The Tuesday before Election Day was not a day for presidential politics, at least not for GOP Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Hours after Superstorm Sandy savagely hit his state, the man who has been a strong advocate for Republican Mitt Romney had effusive praise for President Obama.

Sandy Could Dent The Vote, But In Whose Favor?

The effects of the superstorm could hurt turnout in traditionally blue states, limiting the popular vote for President Obama. But if Obama's response to the disaster is looked upon favorably, the opposition might be less motivated to turn out.

Sandy Leaves A Mess In Lower Manhattan

Sandy took a big swipe at lower Manhattan on Monday, which is best known for Wall Street and the financial district. While the New York Stock Exchange will be back in operation on Wednesday, some small businesses took a much more punishing hit.

Losses From Sandy Could Reach $50 Billion

Damage estimates from Sandy started pouring in on Tuesday, leaving many wondering what's covered by insurance and what isn't. Early estimates are pegging total losses from Sandy at between $30 and $50 billion. That would make it a very costly storm, but not close to the economic damage wrought by Katrina.