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Calif. Leaders Agree To Overhaul Pension System

California Governor Jerry Brown has reached a deal with legislators to overhaul the state's pension system. The changes include capping annual pension payments, requiring new employees to pay 50 percent of their pension costs and raising the retirement age. The package will save the state about $30 billion.

As Ryan Takes The Stage, He Gives Hope To Republicans, Democrats Alike

The seven-term representative from Wisconsin is set to accept the GOP's vice-presidential nomination on Wednesday. Although he has won over remaining doubters within the party, he could hurt efforts to reach out to independents.

Isaac Floods Lousiana's Plaquemines Parish

Steve Inskeep talks to Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, about how Hurricane Isaac is impacting his community. Nungesser says the storm that hit his parish in southeast Louisiana was "no Category 1" hurricane.

Isaac Cuts Off Power To Gulf Coast Residents

While Hurricane Issac is less powerful than Katrina which struck seven years ago, it has already cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people. In addition water has topped a levee in southeastern Louisiana.

Isaac Hits Gulf Coast On Katrina Anniversary

The Mississippi Gulf Coast took a lashing overnight from Hurricane Isaac. A big storm surge, tropical force winds and pounding rain hit the area. But in some ways, the memory of Hurricane Katrina makes it harder for a much weaker hurricane like Isaac to garner that same sense of urgency.

Isaac Dumps Major Rainfall Around New Orleans

Because Isaac is moving slowly, it is dumping a lot of rain. The president of Plaquemines Parish is reporting plenty of damage. He says water washed over a levee and stranded people in that area of southeastern Louisiana.