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How One Company Reinvented The Hand Dryer

Bathroom hand dryers used to be a hated product because they took too long to work. But a decade ago, a family-owned business in Massachusetts came out with a new product that changed the way we dry our hands.

Chicago Police Superintendent: Gun Laws Play Huge Role In Lowering Gun Deaths

Robert Siegel talks to Garry McCarthy, superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, about how he plans to address the homicides in his city.

New Jersey Shore Could Still See A Summer Packed With Profits After Sandy

People who love to vacation at the Jersey Shore area in New Jersey are already making their plans for this summer. Some are finding their favorite destinations will be open for business as usual, but other shore destinations are still scrambling to recover from Superstorm Sandy.

DOJ Plans To Sue S&P Over Its Ratings Of Mortgage-Backed Securities

Audie Cornish talks with Jim Zarroli about the news that Justice Department is planning to sue Standard & Poor's over its ratings of certain mortgage-backed securities back in 2007. S&P said such a suit would be without factual or legal merit.

Obama: Lawmakers Must Feel Like They Have To Act Against Gun Violence

President Obama traveled to Minneapolis to push his proposal to reduce gun violence on Monday.