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Red Cross Expects Okla. Shelters To Be Open For Weeks

The damage in Moore, Oklahoma, is overwhelming. But some people can't even focus on that yet, because they're still trying to find out what happened to loved ones they haven't seen since the tornado.

Parking Industry Tries To Make Your Life Easier

The future of parking has been showcased in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, this week at the International Parking Institute's annual conference. The conversation has been about helping drivers get in and out of spaces as conveniently as possible.

Boy Scouts To Decide Whether To Admit Gay Youth

The Boy Scouts of America votes in Texas this week on whether to change its century old membership policy. The proposal is to open up the scouts to allow gay youth to join and continue to ban on adults who are gay. About 1,400 voting members will decide.

In Oklahoma, Rescue Efforts Give Way To Recovery

Officials think they've found all the survivors, and victims, of the massive tornado that devastated the community of Moore. The official death toll stands at 24. More than 230 people are said to have been injured.

Boomer Housemates Have More Fun

Some single baby boomers are moving into group houses, a college-era solution to their modern needs. Housemates share costs, socialize, and cheer each other on through life's thick and thin.

Backing Becks: Don't Knock The Soccer Star's Talents

After the announcement that David Beckham is retiring, there's been much discussion about how good of an athlete he's really been. Sports commentator Frank Deford says Beckham's talents have been overlooked.

IRS Official In Charge Of Nonprofits Declines To Testify

Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division dealing with nonprofits seeking tax-exempt status, will not testify on Wednesday despite a congressional subpoena, her attorney says. She is accused of closely scrutinizing conservative groups that sought tax-exempt status.

Why Oklahomans Don't Like Basements

A high water table and red clay that soaks up the moisture make dry basements an expensive and iffy proposition right in the heart of Tornado Alley.