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Man Arrested In Plot To Blow Up NY Federal Reserve

A man has been arrested in an alleged terror plot to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York City. Federal authorities and the New York Police Department collaborated to foil the plot apparently conceived by a Bangladeshi man, Quazi Mohammd Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis. Nafis is said to have conceived the plot. However, authorities learned of the plot and actually provided what appeared to be the bomb. It was inert and there was no threat to the public.

'Binders Of Women' Becomes Viral Sensation

Within a minute of Mitt Romney's story about trying to hire women in his cabinet by using his "binders full of women," Veronica de Souza — an undecided voter who had just lost her job yesterday — was on her couch, claiming that phrase on Tumblr. She photoshopped several of her own renditions of women sandwiched in three-ring binders and by 3 a.m. last night, she'd received some 3,200 submissions.

Contraception, Pell Grants 'In Context' After Debate

We're taking a closer look at two issues that came up during Tuesday's presidential debate — contraceptive coverage and funding for higher education. Robert Siegel talks with Julie Rovner and Claudio Sanchez to put the candidates' comments in context.

Want Thousands Of Twitter Followers? Put A Meme On It

It is now clear that we are living in a world of viral memes that take no sides when it comes to spoofing politicians or debate moderators. So what's a politician to do as the target of a social media parody? Run with it.

Nike Drops Sponsorship Of Armstrong Over Doping

Lance Armstrong is stepping down from his role as Chairman at his cancer-fighting foundation, Livestrong. He's also been dropped by Nike, which ended its relationship with him on Wednesday.

Unmasking One Of The Internet's Biggest 'Trolls'

A key anonymous moderator for violent and sexual topics on the social media site Reddit has been unmasked. Melissa Block talks with Gawker reporter Adrian Chen about his article outing "Violentacrez," and what makes an Internet troll tick.

GOP Angry With Moderator Crowley After Debate

Mitt Romney traveled to Virginia Wednesday morning after Tuesday night's second presidential debate. Robert Siegel talks with Ari Shapiro.

Obama Focused, Energetic After Second Debate

President Obama traveled to Iowa Wednesday morning to meet with voters after Tuesday night's second presidential debate.