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Ariz. Gov. Brewer Calls Supreme Court Ruling A Win

Despite having three of four sections of the state's immigration law struck down, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer says the ruling is a win. That's because what she calls the heart of the law — the so-called "show-me- your-papers" provision — will still take effect.

States Turn To Gambling To Close Budget Holes

All but a few states now have some type of commercial gaming. New Jersey and California have taken steps toward legalizing gambling on all sports, while Massachusetts is looking at allowing the first casinos to be built in that state. Boston College economist and author Richard McGowan talks to Renee Montagne about the economics behind the rapid expansion of gambling and casinos in America.

Meet Maryland Live! The Latest East Coast Casino

When the $500 million development is finished in October, it will have more slot machines than either the MGM Grand or Bellagio in Las Vegas. But gaming in the North East region, which includes Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, might be outgrowing its customer base.

License Plate Readers Spark Privacy Concerns

It is increasingly likely that someone or something has recently taken a picture of your car's license plate. License plate readers are used in almost every state. They allow police to quickly spot everything from expired registrations to car owners who may be wanted for more serious offenses.

Justices Strike Down Parts Of Ariz. Immigration Law

The Supreme Court struck down key provisions of Arizona's restrictive immigration law on Monday. But it upheld — for now — a central section known as the "show-me-your-papers" provision. The 5-3 decision warned, however, that the court could ultimately strike down that provision, too.

App Will Match Farmers With Meat Distributors

There's a new startup that's envisioning a way for people to eat even more meat. AgLocal is developing a smartphone app to help small farmers expand local markets for their meat by connecting them with independent distributors.

Supreme Court Reaffirms Citizens United Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to reconsider its ruling on the use of corporate money in political campaigns. Montana officials objected to the earlier ruling, known as Citizens United, saying corporate money in political campaigns often leads to corruption