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Will Arizona Police Ask To 'Show Your Papers'?

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a provision of the Arizona immigration law known as "show me your papers." The law instructs law enforcement officers to question the immigration status of people stopped for other reasons that are suspected of being in the state illegally. For a look at how this is being implemented, All Things Considered host Audie Cornish speaks with Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor.

Board Reinstates University Of Virginia's President

Host Melissa Block talks with NPR's Claudio Sanchez about Tuesday's unanimous vote to reinstate University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan. The university campus has been in an uproar since members of the university's board of visitors forced Sullivan out in a behind-the-scenes maneuver. Virginia's governor ordered the board to hold a formal vote on whether Sullivan should stay.

Gays Slowly Gaining Acceptance In Military

Less than a year after the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell," the Pentagon holds an LGBT pride month. Advocacy groups say the transition from institutionalized homophobia to equal treatment is going well, but a bureaucracy of regulations still place gay service members and their partners at a disadvantage.

Berkeley High Jazz Band Goes To Cuba

The Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble has just begun a tour of Cuba. The director wants her young players to get a sense of the roots of some of the music they play and what Jelly Roll Morton called "the Latin Tinge" in jazz.