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50 Years After His Death, Medgar Evers' Work Not Complete

In Jackson, Miss., bells tolled for slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of his death. Many in Jackson are marking Evers' death and looking ahead.

Prisoner And Politician, Bulger Brothers Led Different Lives

Audie Cornish talks to WBUR senior reporter David Boeri for a look at the complex relationship between notorious Boston gangster, James "Whitey" Bulger and his brother, former politician and University of Massachusetts President William Bulger.

City Life Snapshot: Dayton's 5th Street Brew Pub Co-Op

In this City Life Snapshot from Dayton, Ohio, we meet Brian Young and Maureen Barry in a story of urban re-invention.

Can The Patriots Groom Tebow To Be A Good NFL Quarterback?

Tim Tebow, the much-maligned signal-caller, finally will have a chance to learn behind one of the league's best quarterbacks, future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady. And Tebow offers the Patriots the prospect of using a style of offense that is gaining popularity in the NFL.

Federal Defender Wants Out Of Terrorism Case Due To Budget Cuts

Samuel Richard Rubin says budget and sequester cuts mean he just can't afford to take on a complex case involving an Uzbek national who is facing charges in two states.

50 Years Later, Medgar Evers' Widow Relives The Pain

"You work through them. You suppress them," Myrlie Evers-Williams says of the emotions related to the murder of her husband. But Wednesday, 50 years to the day after the civil rights icon's death, she feels the emotions again.

Catcalling: Ignore It Or Enjoy It?

Many women have gotten unwanted attention from men on the street; but are the whistles and catcalls harmless attempts at flirting or verbal abuse? Host Michel Martin gets the opinions of the Beauty Shop ladies: blogger Viviana Hurtado, writer Tracy Clayton, activist Holly Kearl and journalist Jasmine Garsd.