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Latest Figures On Deaths, Power Outages Related To Sandy

The recovery continues. But so does the grim task of accounting for deaths and the hard work of restoring power to millions of customers.

The GOP Has Its Eyes On Another Election Day Prize: Arkansas

Both Republicans and Democrats think they can capture about a dozen state legislative chambers in next week's election, meaning there could be little net change in control. But there may be no state that the GOP is eyeing as eagerly as Arkansas, which is the lone Democratic holdout in the Deep South.

Day Of The Dead, Decoded: A Joyful Celebration Of Life And Food

The ancient Latin American holiday welcomes ancestors back to the earth for one day each year. Each element on the altar symbolizes a connection between the world of the living and the dead, so naturally, food and drink play a big part. Here we've deconstructed the altar and its meaning.

Slowly, Surely New York And New Jersey Start To Recover From Sandy

Life is no where near back to normal, but some key services are beginning to come back online. Still, millions of customers don't have power and the cleanup is only just beginning.

Airlines Work To Get Planes Back In Place

Air travel is slowly starting to move again on the East Coast after a harrowing few days, when airlines canceled thousands of flights because of Superstorm Sandy. At American Airlines' operations center in Dallas, schedulers and planners are working to get planes in place.

The Little Girl Who's Had Enough Of Politics

Abigael Evans, 4, of Fort Collins, Colo., started crying on the way to the grocery store as she and her mother listened to NPR in the car. NPR editors issued an immediate apology online, and later in the afternoon, Abbie cheered up when she got an NPR Politics pin from member station KUNC.

In North Jersey, Still A State Of Emergency

Much of New York City and the surrounding area remain in a state of emergency. More than two days after a powerful storm, entire neighborhoods remain dark, without electricity and in need of basic supplies. Just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, the mayor of Hoboken is trying to get help for thousands of people in the city.