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Preparing For Isaac While Remembering Katrina

Almost seven years after Katrina slammed into New Orleans, Gulf Coast residents are evacuating some areas in anticipation of Hurricane Isaac. NPR correspondents Christopher Joyce and Debbie Elliot, New Orleans Health Commissioner Karen DeSalvo and resident Gwen Thompkins talk about preparing.

Live Blog: Tuesday At The GOP Convention

Updates from the scene as Republicans gather in Tampa for their 2012 national convention.

Before Big Speech, Ann Romney Wins Raves — With Tiny Cakes

Ann Romney's address to the Republican National Convention tonight is meant to humanize her husband, Mitt, and chip away at his "likability gap" with President Obama. So how does she relieve the pressure? By baking her grandmother's Welsh cakes for the press corps.


Saying Thanks In Hattiesburg, Miss.

The Hattiesburg Jaycees hold an annual blood drive to replenish the area's blood supply.

The Republican Convention Speakers: A Guide

Republicans are now trying to pack the best of their vote-for-Mitt-Romney message into three nights in Tampa in a weather-abbreviated convention. Here are some of the highlighted speakers.

GOP Strategy For Tuesday: Bring The Love And Then The Fight

Ann Romney and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, two of tonight's speakers at the Republican National Convention, represent the event's two core messages: humanizing Mitt Romney (Ann's job) and bringing the attack against President Obama (Christie's strength).

Foreclosures Leave Holes In Voter Outreach

The presidential campaigns and other groups are scrambling to find evicted voters in battleground states hit hard by the mortgage crisis.

New Orleans Braces For Isaac

Isaac is headed toward the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana's governor has declared a state of emergency. The storm is threatening to hit New Orleans as the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches. Host Michel Martin speaks with Lt. Col. Jerry Sneed of Homeland Security in New Orleans, about how they're preparing the city for the storm.