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Washington State Bridge Collapses; 3 People Injured

The collapse sent people and vehicles into the water Thursday night. Authorities say there were no fatalities. The bridge, about an hour north of Seattle, lost its northernmost span — taking out all lanes in both directions.

Political Attacks Ramp Up In U.S. Senate Race In Mass.

In Massachusetts, what's been a relatively lackluster campaign to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry is heating up. Veteran Democratic Rep. Ed Markey is running against Republican Gabriel Gomez, a businessman and former Navy SEAL. Gomez is a political newcomer.

Boy Scouts 'Moving Forward,' Vote To Allow Gay Members

The Boy Scouts of America has decided to allow openly gay Scouts to join the organization but not gay Scout leaders. Sixty-one percent of the National Council members who cast ballots supported the controversial proposal.

Insurers Picked For California Health Exchange

In a key test of the federal health law's ability to draw competitive bids from health insurance companies, California has unveiled plans and prices that will be available next year to millions of residents shopping for individual coverage on its new insurance marketplace.

Military Moms: A Bond Born From Shared Loss

Two mothers whose sons were killed during the first Gulf War talk about how they became friends after their sons died. The past 22 years would have been tough without the friendship, because, as one tells the other, "what's in our hearts we share."

Why You Have To Scratch That Itch

Itch can be a useful warning sign, or a maddening symptom with no cure. But the origins of itch have long been a mystery. Scientists think they've come closer to understanding the origins of itch in a molecule that makes mice scratch like mad.

Bridge Collapses In Wash. State; People, Cars In Water

TAn unknown number of people and vehicles are in the Skagit River, and rescue crews are looking for them. The bridge collapsed at 7 p.m., but the reason is unclear.

Jury Deadlocks On Jodi Arias Sentencing

The jury that convicted her of first-degree murder earlier this month in the brutal killing of her ex-boyfriend were unable to decide whether to give the death penalty.