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Street Running In Rochester, N.Y.

New Life Presbyterian Church helps city kids running the streets learn how to be better runners.
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Virginia Republicans Give Support To Romney

Virginia delegates who attended the Republican National Convention are standing behind Romney, and accusing the media of portraying the Republican presidential nominee in a bad light.


40-Year-Old Cheese To Sell For $10 An Ounce

Edward Zahn was closing up his cheese shop when he discovered wooden boxes of cheese. The cheddar cheese had been accidentally aged, and overlooked in the cooler for up to 40 years. The Wisconsin State Journal says a dealer will sell the cheese for $10 an ounce.

Slow-Moving Isaac Waterlogs Parts Of Louisiana

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac have left Louisiana behind. But parts of the state will be rebuilding for a long time to come. The storm brought extensive flooding to communities that had been largely spared during earlier hurricanes.

Mitt Romney Makes His Case For Change

Mitt Romney has accepted the Republican Party's nomination for president — telling voters it was time to turn the page from the "disappointing leadership" of President Obama. Thursday night's speakers presented Romney as a man of faith and family with the business skills to turn the economy around.