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Dependent On Arms Plant, N.Y. Town Braces For Gun Laws' Impact

Generations of family members have worked at the Remington Arms factory in Ilion, but new state gun legislation has many worried they'll lose their livelihood. "Everybody around this area, if it wasn't for Remington Arms, would be in trouble," a local restaurant owner says.

'That's Our Guy': Chicagoans Welcome Obama Back To D.C.

Hundreds of thousands are converging on Washington, D.C., for the festivities surrounding president Obama's second presidential inauguration. One large Chicago contingent took to the rails to make the trip, and many on board said the event is especially meaningful for them as they see their hometown hero welcomed back to the White House.

Welcome To Alaska, Where Winter Is Cold And Bikes Are Fat

It takes a lot more than snow to keep Alaskan bikers indoors, especially now that they have fat bikes. Think mountain bike on steroids, with tires wider than most people's arms.

Mitigating The 'Dysfunctional' U.S.-Israeli Relationship

Host Rachel Martin talks with Aaron David Miller, Middle East analyst with the Woodrow Wilson Center, about the current state of relations between Israel and the United States, in the context of the upcoming election.

In Inauguration, A 'Worship Of The Nation'

Among the sentiments of love of country and national unity, presidential inaugurations also have a religious element. Host Rachel Martin talks with Stephen Prothero, professor of American religion at Boston University, about how the role of faith in inauguration ceremonies has changed over the years.

What Obama May Do Next, At Home And Around The World

Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR correspondents Ari Shapiro, Scott Horsley and Michele Kelemen about President Obama's likely second-term agenda, from handling debt and the deficit to gun control and next steps in the country's relationship with Iran.

The Presidential Oath: Not Always Perfect, But It Gets The Job Done

By the time he is through with his inauguration on Monday, President Obama will have taken the presidential oath four times. In 2009, he had to do it twice after some stumbles between him and Chief Justice John Roberts. But as history shows us, his oath was not the first to suffer a few mishaps.