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Why Are Elections On Tuesdays?

The answer dates back to the 19th century and involves buggies, the Sabbath and farming.

Media Circus: Tone Trumps Content In Final Debate

The final presidential debate left many viewers scratching their heads. It's not that the candidates invoked unimportant issues. It's not that the two held so elevated a conversation mere mortals could not understand. It's that they were debating almost entirely in tone rather than content.

Transcript And Audio: Third Presidential Debate

Transcript of the third and final debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Arlington Cemetery's Grave Sites Now Searchable Online

After coming under intense criticism for unmarked graves, misplaced records and mishandling of some remains, the cemetery has created a database of 259,978 grave sites, niches and markers. The hope is that family members and the public will use the data.


For Ex-Felons, Limited Rights Mean A Future On Hold

Like many other former felons in Florida, Vikki Hankins has spent years trying to regain civil rights like the right to vote or serve on a jury. And while she dreams of going to law school, she will be unable to sit for the bar or practice law unless her rights are restored.

Teen Debaters Parse Candidates' Style And Substance

Teen debaters can learn a lot from watching the presidential debates, gleaning lessons from politicians who've been coached by the best. They can also learn a lot about what not to do.

New York City Real Estate Market One Of Few Thriving

New York City has done better in this economy than many American cities. Housing prices and sales there are way up, and most surprisingly, in certain areas like Brooklyn and Queens, they have reached pre-recession levels.