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Respectful Gay Marriage Debate An 'Enormous Step'

The Supreme Court is hearing two landmark gay marriage cases this week. But Robin Shahar's case never made it that far. She lost a job offer for planning a private wedding ceremony with her same-sex partner in 1991. Shahar speaks with host Michel Martin about the cultural shift that brought about these legal challenges.

How Should We Be Talking About Sex?

The high school rape case in Steubenville, Ohio raised uncomfortable questions about how young people learn about their sexual rights and responsibilities. Host Michel Martin talks about the real sex education teens should be getting, with author Laura Sessions Stepp, attorney B.J. Bernstein, and youth mentor Malik Washington.

Allergy Drops Under The Tongue May Be Fine Alternative To Shots

Drops under the tongue to treat allergies sounds a lot nicer than allergy shots. A new review in JAMA says they're moderately effective, and relatively safe. But they're also not FDA-approved. Still, doctors, including an author of the study, are prescribing them off-label.

Votes May Be There To Strike Down DOMA, But There's A Big 'If'

It's not certain the justices will decide they should rule on the Defense of Marriage Act's constitutionality. But if they do, it looks as though Justice Anthony Kennedy might join the court's four "liberal" judges to strike down the law.


Petraeus Apologizes, Says Fall From Grace Was 'My Own Doing'

The former CIA director stepped out of the shadows to express "how deeply I regret — and apologize for — the circumstances that led to my resignation from the CIA and caused such pain for my family, friends and supporters." An extramarital affair led to his resignation.

Day 1 Didn't Tell Us Too Much About Day 2 Of Same-Sex Marriage Cases

Although gay marriage is again on the docket, Wednesday's legal issue is different. Tuesday was about California's attempt to ban same-sex marriage. On Wednesday, the focus is whether the federal government can deny benefits to legally married same-sex couples.

A Hot Topic: Climate Change Coming To Classrooms

For the first time, new nationwide science standards due out soon will recommend teaching K-12 students about climate change. Educators say many teachers have shied away from the polarizing topic, and an organized campaign to promote it as "controversial" leaves many students confused.