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'Wanna Go To The Dance?' Is SO Passe. Try YouTube

The school year's in full swing, and the pressure's on to land a date for the homecoming dance. But where a simple, subtle "ask" was once the norm, more and more teens are going to extreme lengths to make their "promposals" stand out — from elaborate videos to helicopter flyovers.

UC OKs $1 Million Settlement In Pepper-Spray Suit

Under a preliminary settlement filed in district court, the sum includes $730,000 to the named plaintiffs and others who were arrested or pepper-sprayed on Nov. 18, 2011, at the University of California, Davis. A federal judge must approve the agreement, and parties have the right to appeal.

Army Brigadier General Faces Sexual Misconduct Charges

Months after his sudden removal from his post in Afghanistan, Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair has been charged with multiple violations of the military's Uniform Code, ranging from wrongful sexual conduct to several rules violations.

NFL Ref Lockout Brings Union Fights Back To Wis.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made his national name attacking unions. Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan — another Wisconsinite — is also not a fan of organized labor. But after the Green Bay Packers lost a game due to a bad call by replacement NFL referees, how does a labor dispute play in this political environment?

New Groups Make A Conservative Argument On Climate Change

Two new Republican groups are bucking their party's widespread rejection of climate science. They're targeting young people, warning of the national security risks of fossil fuel dependence, and touting free market ideas to deal with global warming.

Obama, Romney Hold Dueling Events In Ohio

President Obama made two campaign stops in Ohio on Wednesday. The state's economy is slightly better than the national average, and the auto bail out is seen as one key to that success. The president's Republican rival, Mitt Romney, was also in Ohio. For now, the swing state is looking favorably at Mr. Obama. Ari Shapiro talks to Melissa Block.

Citizen's United Ruling Benefits Union Campaigners

Corporations weren't the only ones to benefit from the Citizens United ruling. The decision lets union activists mobilize non-union workers for the elections — something that had been illegal since 1947. The beleaguered labor movement hopes it will help in November.

Ahmadinejad's Last Speech To U.N. Milder Than Usual

Melissa Block speaks with Karim Sadjadpour, a Middle East expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. They discuss Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's final speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday and what the future holds for him. Ahmadinejad's second term as president ends next year.