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City Life Snapshot: Oakland Bus Driver

As part of the NPR Cities Project we'll be hearing "City Life Snapshots" from time to time, sent to us by independent producers from Localore projects around the country. In this edition, we meet Archie Johnson, a bus driver for AC Transit in Oakland.

Woman Sentenced To Read The Bible? Yes, But There's More To The Story

Headlines and commentators are zeroing in on part of a South Carolina woman's sentence for drunk driving. That misses the eight years in jail she's set to serve and that it was her choice whether to read the book of Job and write a report about it.

Fewer Fireworks This July 4th; Wildfires, Drought And Derecho To Blame

Many towns, counties and cities are canceling fireworks celebrations or banning personal use of fireworks. But the show is set to go on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Want to get in a patriotic mood? Check the PBS video from 2007.

Illinois Services Threatened As Pension Hole Grows

Illinois' pension gap is estimated at $83 billion — and it costs $12.6 million more every day the state does nothing to address the crisis. The state can't readily come up with the money, and while politicians say they want to help, they're unlikely to act during an election year.

Oakland Turns A Corner As Calif. Faces Budget Woes

Long associated with urban decay, Oakland, Calif., has experienced a resurgence in recent years with a revitalized downtown. The New York Times listed the city as No. 5 among its top "places to go" in 2012. But its comeback may be threatened by California's state budget tightening.