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The Real Costs Of Cheap Fashion

The collapse of a Bangladesh clothing factory building has renewed worries about the ethics of the fashion industry. Host Michel Martin speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning fashion critic Robin Givhan about the real costs of cheap fashion.

Spring Cleaning: Toss Your Old Jeans!

Spring can be the perfect time to clean out the kitchen junk drawer, donate clothes, and to clear mental clutter. Host Michel Martin gets tips from the journalists and writers in the Beauty Shop for saying goodbye to old clothes, forgotten gadgets, and other useless objects cluttering your home.

Obama Crosses The Border

President Obama visits Mexico this week and some of the usual issues are no longer at the top of the agenda. Host Michel Martin talks with Alfredo Corchado, Mexico bureau chief for The Dallas Morning News, who calls the trip a huge shift in U.S.-Mexico relations.

Deported While Unconscious

American hospitals have essentially deported hundreds of undocumented immigrant patients, according to reports. This includes a few who were unconscious at the time. Host Michel Martin speaks to David Pitt of The Associated Press, about the practice.

Snow In May? The Nation's Midsection Bundles Up

The National Weather Service says some parts of the Rocky Mountains could see double-digit inches of snow today, and weather forecasters warn the wintry weather is moving east, and will affect states as far south as Texas.

Pew Study: Many Muslims Believe In Mixing Mosque And State

In a worldwide survey of Muslim attitudes, Pew concludes that substantial minorities believe that Islam should play a "large" role in the societies they live in.

Boston Police: Three More Individuals In Custody

Authorities say they'll soon release more information about the individuals and how they may be connected to the two main suspects in the April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon. Law enforcement sources say at least two of the three may have misled the FBI and disposed of some potential evidence.

Judge Doubles Down On Double Entendres In Strip Club Case

Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery is known for injecting humor into his opinions. He's also been at the center of controversy. This time, he's been a bit risque in his ruling that exotic dancers in San Antonio, Texas, must obey an ordinance that requires them to wear bikini tops.