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Does Medicaid Make People Healthier?

The question is more contentious than it sounds. A new study may finally provide an answer.

Did The Chief Justice 'Evolve' On Health Care?

Chief Justice John Roberts has been called to task by conservatives for siding with the more liberal justices to uphold President Obama's health care law. This week a CBS reporter said Roberts switched his views after at first siding with conservatives. Justices sometimes change their minds after the initial conference on a case as they circulate draft opinions, consult with colleagues and think about the issues. What's unusual was the leak which was an apparent attempt to undermine the chief justice. Nina Totenberg talks to Robert Siegel.

Roads Divide Locals And Environmentalists In Utah

Utah is fighting to take control of thousands of roads that run through federal land in the state. The people who live near the roads say they need them to get around and to enjoy nature. But environmentalists argue those roads are nothing but dirt tracks that lead to nowhere.

City Life Snapshot: Oakland Bus Driver

As part of the NPR Cities Project we'll be hearing "City Life Snapshots" from time to time, sent to us by independent producers from Localore projects around the country. In this edition, we meet Archie Johnson, a bus driver for AC Transit in Oakland.