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Pumps And Polls: Why Americans Wait In Lines

You don't need the threat of a menacing storm like Hurricane Sandy to get folks in line. Look around — we line up to dance and dine, to buy tickets and the newest iPhone, and for the opportunity to cast an early ballot.

Record-Breaking 'Superstorm' Sandy Hammers Coast

Hurricane Sandy is already huge, powerful and deadly. Now meteorologists warn it's set to collide with cold air moving in from the arctic and a wintry storm blowing in from the west. NPR'S Joe Palca, Margot Adler and Joel Rose discuss the unusual series of events that helped create the "superstorm."

Listeners In Hurricane's Path Report On Sandy

U.S. officials warn Hurricane Sandy may affect as many as 60 million Americans, with heavy rain, high winds, and dangerous flooding. Thousands of flights have been canceled, schools are closed and public transit systems in New York and Washington have been shut down.

Hurricane Sandy Throws A Wrench Into Early Voting

The fearsome storm has shut down early voting in multiple states and disrupted the presidential candidates' campaign schedules. Sandy may wreak havoc as it claws up the East Coast, but voting experts say its impact may fizzle come Election Day.

Tracking Hurricane Sandy: Handy Maps And Apps

We've pulled together a selection of storm-tracking maps, graphics and animations from across the web to help keep you abreast of the storm's developments.

Obama, Romney Take Breaks From Campaigning Amid Sandy

President Obama urged Americans in Sandy's path Monday to "please listen" to local officials, and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, urged help for those affected by the superstorm. The two candidates also canceled campaign events Monday and Tuesday.

The Science Of Why Sandy Is Such A Dangerous Storm

Hurricanes often weaken as they travel north across colder water and approach land. But Sandy hasn't. One reason is that it's expected to change from a tropical storm powered by warm ocean water to something more like a winter storm powered by temperature and pressure differences in the atmosphere.