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Interrogations Without Torture

In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, some critics said investigators should have used harsh interrogation techniques with the surviving suspect. Host Michel Martin speaks with counterterrorism expert and former FBI Agent Joe Navarro about how attitudes about torture have evolved, and what really are the most effective ways to interrogate.

After Socking The Rockies, Snowstorm Moves East

A rare May storm is pouring record snowfall in parts of the Plains and the Upper Midwest. And there's concern that snowflakes could fall as far south as Alabama and Mississippi.

Grocery Home Delivery May Be Greener Than Schlepping To The Store

Getting groceries delivered may be the easiest environmentally-friendly thing you've ever done, new research says. Think of it as your food taking mass transit.

Obama Picks Major Fundraiser To Be Next Commerce Secretary

Penny Pritzker, a Chicago business executive, is one of the nation's richest people. She raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the president's campaigns. She also, Obama said Thursday, has "built companies from the ground up."

Obama Announces Commerce, Trade Nominees

President Obama on Thursday nominated Penny Pritzker to run the Commerce Department. An heiress to the Hyatt hotel empire and one of Forbes' 300 richest Americans, she also served on the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Obama also nominated a new U.S. Trade Representative. Michael Froman is a senior economic adviser to the president and a former Citigroup executive.

North Korea Sentences U.S. Citizen To 15 Years Hard Labor

Pae Jun-ho, known in the U.S. as Kenneth Bae, is among a number of U.S. citizens arrested in North Korea over the years.

Boston Bombings: A Guide To Who's Who

As the investigation continues, more names are being added to the story. Here's a look at the victims, the suspects and others.

Rapper Chris Kelly, Half of Duo Kris Kross, Dies

Known as "Mac Daddy," he teamed with Chris Smith ("Daddy Mac"). As kids in 1992, they scored big with "Jump." Later, they toured with Michael Jackson. Kelly was 34. The cause of death has not been determined, but investigators suspect a drug overdose.

New York Tobacco Regulations Light Up Public Health Debate

On Thursday, the City Council will debate proposals including raising the minimum age for buying cigarettes to 21. Also on the table is a ban on tobacco displays behind retail registers. Critics are pushing back, arguing that the changes won't have the intended effect.