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IRS Acting Director Appears Before House Panel

The House Appropriations subcommittee on Monday heard from the new acting director of the IRS. It was the first of three hearings this week looking into controversies at the agency involving spending on conferences and the targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny.

Once High-Flying Game Company Zynga To Lay Off 520 Workers

Zynga, the social game maker behind the popular FarmVille franchise, is struggling. It was late getting into the mobile phone market as gamers moved away from computers. It plans to layoff 18 percent of its workforce by the end of summer.

Obama To Challenge GOP With 3 Federal Appeals Court Picks

President Obama on Tuesday will name three new judges at once to the federal appeals bench in the District of Columbia, which is sometimes called the little Supreme Court. The nominations are expected to test a logjam that has held up Obama appointees in the Senate.

Law Enforcement Celebrates Supreme Court's DNA Ruling

A divided Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Monday that it's constitutional for police to take DNA swabs from suspects who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime. The court compared such DNA sampling to fingerprinting when a suspect is booked.

Apple: Price-Fxing Charges 'Not True'

Lawyers for Apple will be back in court again Tuesday defending the company against government charges that it conspired with publishers to fix e-book prices. All the major publishing houses settled months ago with the Justice Department. In opening statements, Apple's lawyer said the company won't settle because it did nothing wrong.

VIDEO: Kid's Salute Turns Cymbal Crash Into Symbolic Victory

When 13-year-old Andrew Pawelczyk's cymbal went flying during a junior high band's playing of the national anthem, he thought for a moment about what to do. Then he turned to the flag. Now the video of his salute is going viral.

Why Chase Tornadoes? To Save Lives, Not To 'Die Ourselves'

A scientist who studies tornadoes says there's still much to be learned about how they form and how to better forecast them. Still, the storm chasing and research communities will be reevaluating their procedures in the wake of three colleagues' deaths.

New Survey Takes A Snapshot Of The View From Black America

Despite being buffeted by high unemployment and the recession in recent years, African-Americans expressed high levels of life satisfaction and optimism for the future.