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Big Apple Debates Storm Prep As Hurricane Season Begins

As hurricane season begins, New Yorkers are debating how to protect the city's 520 miles of coastline from major storms and rising sea levels. One camp favors giant offshore barriers to divert storm surge. The other says barriers are too expensive and too risky. They argue New York must learn to live with water by making streets, subways and buildings more resilient to flooding.

Komen Cancels Charity Races In Several Cities

One of the foremost breast cancer charities, the Susan G. Komen foundation, has canceled important fundraising walks in Washington, D.C., and other major cities next year.

Vacant Building Collapses In Philadelphia

A woman was killed when a four-story building collapsed in Philadelphia on Wednesday. A dozen others were rescued from the rubble.

The Force Is With The Navajo: 'Star Wars' Gets A New Translation

If you've ever wondered how to say "May the Force be with you" in Navajo, you're in luck. On July 3, a new translation of the 1977 classic will be unveiled on the Navajo Nation reservation in Arizona.

TSA Says It Won't Relax Carry-On Ban Of Knives, Other Items

Small knives, golf clubs, and other items that had been poised to be allowed in air passengers' carry-on luggage will instead remain prohibited, the Transportation Security Administration confirmed Wednesday. The reversal follows a review process in which the agency heard from passenger advocates, law enforcement, and others.

Fat Doctors Make Fat Patients Feel Better, And Worse

Overweight patients say they feel doctors do a better job of weight loss counseling when the doctor's heavy, too. But they also say they feel more harshly judged by overweight doctors. The solution, researchers say, is for all doctors to be better trained to help patients manage weight.