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All Are OK After Small Plane Crashes Through Apartment Roof

When a single-engine plane apparently ran out of fuel, it nose-dived into an apartment building near Washington, D.C. Amazingly, both the pilot and passenger walked away. And, no one in the apartment was seriously injured. The plane just missed the bedrooms where people were sleeping.

Arizona Mom Released From Mexican Jail

Yanira Maldonado of Goodyear, Ariz., was taken into custody last week after 12 pounds of marijuana were found under her seat on a bus in Mexico. Her case drew international attention. She was released late Thursday after a judge saw video of her boarding the bus without the drugs.

Reports: Texas Man Questioned About Latest Ricin Letters

The letters were sent to President Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a gun control group the mayor supports. Investigators say they were postmarked in Louisiana, near where the man being questioned lives.

Hurricane Sandy Aid Bill Hot Topic In Oklahoma

When Congress voted on federal relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, five of the seven Oklahoma representatives and senators voted no. Rep. Tom Cole, who voted yes, warned that someday Oklahoma would be asking for help. That day came last week after a massive tornado.

Houston's Petrochemical Industry, Source Of Jobs And Smog

Houston's air quality improved dramatically over the past decade, but the city is still short of meeting the latest smog standards. Getting there isn't simply a matter of cracking down more on the petrochemical industry — the city needs to deal with cars on its sprawling roads, and bad air blowing from out of town.

Massachusetts Fights New Codfish Limits With A Lawsuit

The State of Massachusetts is suing the Obama administration over lowered catch limits for historic Northeast species such as cod. Commercial fishermen say the drastic reductions that just went into effect will put them out of business. The state attorney general alleges regulators violated federal law by failing to take the economic impact into account.

10-Year Strike Against Chicago Hotel Ends

One of the longest labor strikes has finally come to an end. After nearly 10 years, hospitality workers at Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel have put down the picket signs. But getting back to work might not be so easy.

Moto X: First Smartphone To Be Assembled In U.S.

There are more than 130 million smartphones in the U.S., but none read: assembled in the USA. Motorola's flagship device, Moto X, will be the first smartphone assembled in the U.S. Motorola Mobility, which is owned by Google, has already begun hiring for the plant based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Michigan Tracks Cattle From Birth To Plate

Would you like to know the life history of that steak before you eat it? Technology exists to give you that information, at least in Michigan, where the state government requires all cattle to carry an electronic tag for tracking purposes.